Post Your Screenshots!


Simple, those big MC builds weren’t made in-game but with a “map editor”. Or in creative mode where you have unlimited resources. Also no plot limits.

(There are probably exceptions to this)


That’s pretty much it. The build above looks like its easily 1k plots, which automatically puts it out of range of about 90% of the games population.

Of those that can, many dont seem to build on this grand of scale, but rather use plots to make towns, use as plot protection, or other smaller things.


The biggest problem for me is the location. I dont wanns build something big middle of nowhere… citys dont have space. Luckily i found space from etherian woods. My soul is saved.


For me its the opposite, i want to build in the middle of nowhere so it’s less likely someone will plot near me, and so my building takes “centre stage” as it will, plus just simply being something amazing for people to discover, which is why i’m building on a tier 6 world, which is even more remote.

Both sides have their merit ahah.


While I would not call the The World Block Museum - Cilpara I - Now on Display! a build like Norte-Dame it is built on a grand scale.


While I do think that is amazing build right there, for me personally it seems to suffer a bit from repetitiveness (on the outside mainly), which is something quite a few big builds I’ve seen (including my own admittingly) suffer from. (Still an amazing build though!)


It’s very nice build indeed.
But it is not the Notre Dame;
I think it is the Dom of Cologne (Koelner Dom) in Germany


I was actually trying to make it look like a government building like this:


ahh, then yeh ya did quite a good job then at emulating the style then! awesome!


I just did a google on that and yes, you are right. It’s similar to Notre-Dame in a lot of ways but the twin steeples are a not a feature on it. I dunno how that major detail escaped me. Must be having one of those days lol.



For the record, this probably still isn’t enough for all the bricks I’m making.


Got it, thanks! :smiley:

I do have a question for everyone - I could be missing something obvious I know, so wanted to check before I started a suggestion thread on this. Is there any way to disable all the HUD stuff on the PS4? I played with it a lot but there doesn’t seem to be. What my idea is, is that on PS4 you can click left on the d-pad to change the viewpoint… what if another setting was added so that third click, instead of returning to the default view, instead brought up a camera mode view that disabled the HUD and you moved the camera around instead of your character when toggled?


I think @Bento suggested this sometime ago.
But currently you can just plug in keyboard and press f10



shame on me for not visiting you yet. This screen intrigues me :slight_smile:


Lol i started like yesterday so. I guess you are forgiven :smiley:


The inside of my latest build.


Just found this amazing build owned by @Mayumichi called Request Dimension.


i made some memorylist for my base. pretty handy.