Post Your Screenshots!


someone ever wanted a waterwall `?


Time to prune the garden lol


A few shots from Kindred Bay while wandering around earlier, paying a visit to their new plant store there - :slight_smile:


Exploring Flan again. its pretty.

mushy mushyy


I love those trees on Flan. I’m eventually wanting to recreate some of those on the grass areas of R3DF1RE but using the local Warm Cherry twisted wood of Antar VI. I haven’t decided on the foliage colors yet but I’ll be using the Bright Blue Gleam from Flan. I’m looking forward to when they’re done and how they’ll help bring a little life to the place. I just need to find the time and get a few other things done first.


Very high elevation screenshot of Tarat


New micro shop. 150k in the baskets at the tower of power.


Okay…running around Bitula and came upon this glorious artwork! Kudos to the artist!


I’m on Season 3 of SG-1 and I’ve got to say that I’m hooked. Universe caught my attention first, but SG-1 is pretty great so far


When we were waiting for a free room to the exo planet (when they were first introduced)

I think that it might be a good wallpaper for your pc


Can you share the coords please, Massive Stargate fan here. Need to see this for my self. Found one on Gyosha once while back.


No problem. Here ya go… -823N -1212E Alt: 73 . Keep your weapon drawn and your wits about you. There might be a few Jaffa lurking in the woods nearby. :wink:



Just visited couple places

Event Horizon . didnt actually knew even that it existed! Really stunning place. you should visit.
also nice little town hub

@Heureka s place . did took just 1 screenie cause otherwise this reply would be full of little foliage pics etc.
Amazing place … first time i visited there! i really do wanna say that this guy has prolly the best 1 player made area that ive seen. It just keeps going and going and going.


Heureka has an awesome unique and natural style.
The way he works with the land instead of against it is amazing
Very nice guy as well.


Indeed, Heurekas work is amazing.
Since i am the neighbor, i step sometimes to his place and every time i go there, something new is to explore.
I am glad to be his neighbor from day 1 of Final Release of the game. :wink:
@Heureka will remember our nice funny story :wink:


A singular question. What mystery lies beyond the red door?


Narnia? :smiley::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




Another red door?