Post Your Screenshots!


Strange how the game doesn’t issue a ‘congratulations, you should probably peel yourself from your chair and wash now’ message with this ‘accolade’.


Time to add:

Tier 6 - Pseudo Builder

… in honour.


1,000,000 seems reasonable.


I love seeing Elopor behind things it’s sooo nice to look at haha


You guys have the best landscaping. The “grapevines” in the shop are my favorite…and the little garden is so charming. I go there when I need to chill after falling in lava too many times. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well worth a walkthrough, for anyone who hasn’t visited. They’re right outside Prozee’s hub’s Solum station.


The question isn’t “what shape is the world?”
The true question is “Are you Outside looking in -or- Inside looking out?”


Now, at long last, somebody has started asking the right questions.


My newest construction:


looks good


@Scratchnwiff took this while mining on vulpto yesterday. I think he was calling it adventures in hell!



Night over my little base


Warning trap. I fell in…


My whole life is basically just me watching the buildings made by you guys while I’m crying on how I can’t even make a simple decent looking house on my own


I’ll bring over some tissue… I do the same nightly. Making me want to quit even lol.


@Xaldafax, @Initiols I’m sure we can set up something for you both in New Berlyn!


So we have the ball that falls in Times Square in NYC and signals the start of the new year when it lands… Is this the moon falling showing the time till 1.0 is released? :slight_smile:



Just chillin at the copper cup.