Post Your Screenshots!


Fairy Lights :scream::laughing::blush:


Christmas feeling. :christmas_tree::santa:


I want to move to your place :smiley:


There is enough room for neighbors above my lake :wink:


Secret Garden :seedling::hibiscus::herb:


Tiny Atrium :mag::statue_of_liberty::shard:



my new corner garden


My Build in Krackendown
It was located below the town near the lake

You can see the glass ceiling to the underwater chamber in this pic

The area under the lake with a glass ceiling

Waterfall in the underwater room with a secret room for storage behind the waterfall

I removed the building to recover the plots, how it looks now after the regen


A Garden for the Homeworlds :earth_asia:


Toxic Oasis in Nasharil.


The first expansion to the contest platform. Not sure what to do with it. Still have some work to do to it but was thinking of surrounding it with portals an then having somebody open a big shop in it. Anybody interested?


I’d be interested in having a portal to the contest platform! I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet but it looks amazing and I’d love to have an easier way of getting there :smiley:


Great!!! I’ll definitely get some portals going. :grin:


Here’s one idea for a portal wall. I think I like it. Might do the same thing on the other side.


A Garden for Elopor & Andoweem :cactus:


just use mine its like 3meters from yours on plaza in a trampoline structure


A Garden for Vulpto :volcano:


A Purple Pergola :crystal_ball:


Nice… I can’t wait to see the last few gardens in Eden too… you do such awesome work.