Post Your Screenshots!


I get people like that at my base now and then. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t understand it though. :man_shrugging:

Also, I blame @fidach (and blink bombs) for this. You may weep for the ores that got blasted… I wish there was an easier way that didn’t kill the ores, but it’s fun. This is in preparation for an extended storage area.

Oh and here’s another wildstock wanting to play site manager… These surprise inspections are getting ridiculous.



thats normal for boundless thats someone that just extended his playtime limit to 3extra hours he should n be playing and then runs from being busy another two hours :smile:
i have been guilty off this to

its like when you say im leaving to someone and you leave a hour later


I’m going to put this here rather than the exo thread just because I thought this was one of the coolest things I’ve come across… a gleam waterfall deep in a cave on Beta-X. :slight_smile:

Edit: Some more waterfalls from this cave system…


Looks like a creepy entrance to “somewhere”


where are those trees?? i love them! perfect spot to build :smiley:


Arie, unless I miss my guess.


Snake and crane

My tower boulder park


This tree is by far my favorite thing I have built recently.


That’s awesome!!! I’ve wanted to build a snake with mosaic cuz it looks like snake skin. Just haven’t had the time to do it


go for it @morey523 the one on the previous screenshot is all serp gleam


50ea if you can find my home ;D (76 bulb’s total)


Just made this alt ;D


I hope the sprinkler system doesn’t make the plants nervous


153 seeds 50ea. :smiley:


Therka was my first love … :notes:


Ohh I’m not online for a while, but I think I have an idea where that is :wink:
I’ve not really ventured into farming yet though and I have 10 seeds for when I do, so will leave them for someone else :smile:


There are still there xD nobody have taken them


If they’re still there in a few hours when i get on I may come take a few off your hands and actually start a farm!


First one bloomed already.