Post Your Screenshots!


Starblossom thrive.


Building my Galan base was not all about exploding hoppers and shooting spitters. It also delivered nice moments.


Just a couple new trees by the church. No big deal.

If you’re in the Naughty Mall you should check out @jaimepoutine ’s The Corrupt Kitchen. Right beside The Corrupt Kraken. I forgot to snap a few screen shots but check it out. She did a great job merging our shops and there’s pies for days. GO REAPERS! WOO.



What is this weird white circle? lol

It’s not the moon, or the sun
It’s not vfx, or anything, it reflects onto water

(venus? jk lol)


I’ve wondered the same thing before. It’s an enigma in the sky.


It’s the Devs private planet where they watch over our shenanigans. Also where the Sanctum is.


It is the Nexus… an Anomaly migrated out of the NMS dimension and into the Oortiverse. Now we’re not just cross-platform, we’re cross-game! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Any one else had their lava suddenly “bleed” through in the last couple of days?


Fix is on the way! Nobody else ping luca :sweat_smile:


Yup my magestic winding pillars are now less-majestic-yet-safe-to-touch lave lines


Yea some of my designs are messed up too lol
Holding off on more liquid+block designs until fix


Wandered over to River Towns while out doing some shopping… absolutely love the builds there… :heart_eyes::+1::heart_eyes:


I hope turning my basement into a “GrowOp” doesn’t raise the insurance rates . This configuration gives good returns .


Probably not, but a big basement farm may well draw a raid by the Oortian feds… they’ll figure you’ve got a big Oortweed operation going down there, all that might get confiscated then. :wink:


So Glad I’m in Canada lol… :slight_smile:


We need an Exo with fields of Oortweed lol .


I wish I were good at landscaping , I want to do something with this big empty area at the front of the base


Let’s hear it for us awesome Canadians. :beers:

Btw you might not be outta the woods yet. It look like you have more than your allowed 4 oortweeds growing. Lol.


Say whaa


Don’t worry. My lips are sealed.
I know the motto.
Snitches get stitches!