Post Your Screenshots!


Did somebody say snitch?!


Someone will build that lol… Great Guild Hall !




My 1st deco plant has fully grown :smiley:


Took these earlier, while on a short visit to Alnitans:


While you all are hunting for Umbris on that T7 EXO …
ill went for the Exotic Tuberplants on Circarpous tonight :+1::+1:
And now they all are gone :grinning:


still some little things to do on it and some Atlas to finish and it will be ready for the grand opening


My cathedral build on Lasaina is nearing completion, shop is open for business, thread is listed in under creations, but here’s a shot thanks to @Greenheart


@passeva and @MrAndo - I’ll be sure to be paying visits! Wow! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Really great work from everyone here as always! :+1:


Saw these two scheming, earlier today…


These guys proceeded to push my dead body over the cliff…How rude!! LOL



Very slowly in the process of moving to Gyosha (unless a new permanent I like pops up, then the plans will change :wink: ). Plotting and clearing land in a nice spot that (for now) is clear of others. This isn’t much, and the shelving outside is temporary, but got a shot of a roadrunner posing in front of the first building - I wanted the first thing to be a cozy true house, with of course a lot of pink. :kissing_heart:

Extra shot - I put it in the appropriate exo thread but will put here too, an exo shot of a really cool lava falls area. :smiley:


Now some more shots from out wandering around… it strikes me just how much I still haven’t seen, even after so many hours of play. There is just so much talent here, I really can’t praise you all enough - I never know what I’m going to come across that is just going to drop my jaw. :smiley:



That bent building is crazy!!!


I think Grovidias Te might be the new exo :o


I paid a visit to the Lasaina Cathedral last night… this one is a must-see, everybody! :smiley: Throwing in a shot too of some of the other cool stuff right around it. Amazing work, @MrAndo!! :+1::trophy::medal_sports: (Hope you don’t mind but added it as a separate thread on the Reddit - - as some of us are trying to get it more active and this is a PERFECT build to show people who may be interested in Boundless what it is capable of!)


I hope you got up onto the roof and checked out the detailing done there too. As with the rest of the build, absolutely flawless. One of the best (if not the best) recreations of an actual real life building that I have ever seen!


I didn’t but will be sure to next time, thanks!! :slight_smile: I’ll be back for sure again. I can make it a Boundless Creed moment - get to the highest spot and balance there. :wink: