Post Your Screenshots!


Just don’t dive off into a pile of hay… We oortians aren’t cut out for that :laughing:


This beacon was placed without even asking . Could the owner of the beacon please remove it .Thank you .


Again thank you for the kind words @bucfanpaka and @wakeNbake, makes the time and effort worthwhile👍


Oooo that’s pretty…

Picks flower sits on floor pulling at petals “he loves me he loves me not”



That’s the only flower that I actually like. The rest are ok ish



Errr what flower :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol



Zombie Oortian??


nah just stuck in nothing xD It’s a happy idel standing animation


remind me of this episode of stargate



Good Oortweed. :wink:


I’m waiting for the alien’s to come through or maybe a Dev same difference lol.


Nice builds from across the Universe.


Great shots, wonderful stuff! :heart_eyes:


A rear view of the new place , it has some great views .


Honest ,it’s the last “junk drawer” I will Ever need!


must be for bones? :wink:


beware when shopping in Yamaska, there are 2 lions :lion::lion:


Awesome retro hunt, no platforms and showers of meteors! <3

Plus the advent calendar style mini game before hand


The latest exo, Tegren, is gorgeous… has beautiful color, but a shot I wanted to share is from a unique snowy lake biome I’ve found in a couple spots. Get Ansel Adams type screenshots around these, all black and white here, except a spot of color around on trunks. :smiley:

Edit: Also, created a spot for a nice romantic meal… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Well, that is, if you don’t mind being shot at by the local wildlife. :wink: That would tend to ruin the mood I suppose. :sweat_smile: