Post Your Screenshots!


Thank you :blush:


Yeah, I love that shot!! :heart_eyes:


The lighting in the Arian forests really is beautiful :blue_heart:


Accidentally fell down a deep hole while traversing a dangerous planet. This is the view that I’ve seen once I looked up while floating on water.

Seems a bit surreal to me. Floating on water in a hidden deep hole on an unknown planet.


I was bad and wandered where the Reapers told me not to… :sweat_smile::smiling_imp:


New entree to farm part under construction…

Farm floor one.


Scaffolding is slowly coming down at Twisted Creek :boundless:


Absolutely love this…beautiful work!


Progress shot of the “Junk Drawer”


seen at tonight hunt on Delta


Been working on the Gyosha PS hub Revitalization for some time now. It’s looking good. More mini stores to come.


Looking great, paid a visit and set up a portal to the hub from my new place! :slight_smile:

A few shots from out wandering… holiday here in the US, so should get some good Boundless time in… :smiley:

Kicks Exoworld generator

OW!! My foot! :frowning: Well, let’s see if that works… :crazy_face:


‘Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?’

Photobomb by @karakavra XD


ooo what a pleasant surprise, I really like this photo, there is love inside boundless, I feel happy, it’s a great day to celebrate


had to laugh - RNG against mobs and not me for once


@georgegroeg built this beautiful tree at my new Gyosha settlement!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love this so much!


You’re more than welcome. :grin: I’m glad I could build something at your new place.
I didn’t for get the time you gave me a bunch of rift. :beers: plus you always have cheap stuff in your stores that I buy. So thank you.


Glad I can help, and thanks for your business!! :smiley: It gave me a laugh the time I dropped stuff on you when you were AFK to think of you coming back and being all like :thinking:?!! at how that got in your inventory. :joy: Thanks again!!


I go afk a lot. Was it goo? One time I came back and had no idea where it came from. Lol.


Yep, hahaha!! :joy: I like to play Santa Oort. :slight_smile: