Post Your Screenshots!


Portal to the ministry of magic? :nerd_face: :smile:


this is Storis II at sunset, though I think all the placid planets have purple sundown. sure wish there were more non-blue skies without the atmosphere. haha

thanks bucfanpaka and I definitely will, NerArth!


Some final screenshots from my build on Testing Dand
before switching back to the Live Universe :grinning:
The new Lattice Voxels and Glass Panes seems to work out for me.

Sometimes you wish you could fly when building …
It all should go a lot faster …
Or did I choose the wrong location for this Test building?
(high up in the sky on a mountain top)

Anyway I can’t wait for these new items to arrive on Live :+1:

Testing 228: Window Panes and Lattice Frames!

things are getting out of hand again, it was supposed to be much smaller


been seeing my color/texture scheme pop up in a few places lately :smirk:… great work!


Been working on finishing up the first one of my very small starberry quarters on my pyramid. Was long overdue.

Decided to go with green-ish grasses because it matches the starberries (and I don’t have a lot of any nice golden grass tints :smiley:)


Where is this located so I can check it with my own eyes?

Looks lovely btw


Test server I believe @AeneaGames


Voxel Guardian’s cousin. Light’s Guardian :stuck_out_tongue:


Found it!!!


Yeah, I knew that, wanted to know the planet name and coords…

I mean, where else would you be able to test out the new chisels and then switching back to live :wink:


Maybe he’s a hidden dev :innocent::grin:


No, I’m just a humble Oortian builder :boundless:
But if anyone else wants to go over there,

It’s on the beautiful Testing planet Dand -2.287N -1.059E (alt. 178)

Be careful, don’t fall off this mountaintop :grin:


Everything that i’ve built so far has been nature themed. So when building my forge shop i thought i would try go for that industrial feel… All artificial blocks and stay away from the nature aspects…
Safe to say i failed :laughing: but i quite like how it’s turning out. I think ill call it Secret Forge

Lots of chiselling still to do!


I remember seeing (I think in this thread) about changing a JSON file to get better render distance. Does anyone know where that is? I think @Stretchious might have posted it but I do not remember.


@XxymoxX it was Jiivita…


I feel you. There can never be enough nature!


A few screenshots from the recent exo, Sefalor.


Thats buugi tree right there


That singe tree shot is cool.