Post Your Screenshots!


Does Santa Oort give to the naughty. Because this year I’ve killed ALOT of Oortians. Bahahaha.


Some of the worlds really look better after all the color/light changes. Think Lamblis or Galan or any of the more extreme color palettes planets.
Gloviathosa is one of them, even though only parts of it were hard for eyes before. Now it has become one of my true favorites with honey-like soothing landscapes and balm-for-soul sunsets:


If I get asked to testify in OortCourt against you for doing this… I will, without hesitation. A large number of those Oortians were me!

I still have an irrational fear of lava thanks to you. No wait, it’s actually perfectly rational, lava burns in real life as well it turns out! Thanks George, I live alongside a dormant volcano and now I have to find somewhere new to live. Your punishment will be that you have to help me pack and move, worst… job… ever!


Hahaha. Oh ■■■■. I hate helping people move. But somehow always get lured into help. Huh. :thinking:(maybe if I say I have a bad back i can get out of helping him move or maybe say I have plans for that day)
…Fine I’ll help. :man_facepalming:(■■■■!)


You’re not kidding anyone.

Now that you’ve agreed to help and it would be bad form to change your mind, it’s probably time to mention that I have got a bad back also and I will need you to do the bulk of the heavy lifting because mines worse! :joy:

Jokes over… back to screenshots!

Of someone else’s (@Apt). Because after visiting his place I no longer feel worthy of taking screenshots withing 5 planets of my builds in case they are somehow in the background. lol, thanks again for the tour dude!


old friend asked me what im up to nowadays… might aswell share it here too.
ye its a damn tree again.


@Buugi That’s going to be a big one! :+1:


Think so. I just build it freestyle so


Love those crystals~


Went on a walkabout today after dropping some Buugiwood; made my first visit to Autumn Dell on Trior. I had to stop, laugh, and read all the insults these 3 adjacent door stores had going on…

Walking just down the road I can see who profited most from this development…

Lovely themed place y’all have going on here, and If you’re reading this Aze, the exo board needs updating you idiot :wink:


Love this exo ice



Love the ship, gorgeous shots! :slight_smile:


Absolutely awesome ship. :beers::+1::+1:


Oh my grandma, what pointy masts you have… <3



First lattice project, outdoor fine dining under a trellis - special is a vintage Fast Brew for only 100,000c (well, I don’t want you all buying the décor!). :wink:


You could also put a request basket or 2 out with some loaves in them on tables or plinths. Makes great center pieces


Great idea, thanks!! :+1:

Edit: Added one! :smiley:


Today we installed two brand new machines at Beckon Lumber.
These Blockchangers have a prime Titanium bed and are able to convert 30feet logs with any texture you like :grin:
In fact, they are multi-purpose, you can even use them on stone or metal …