Post Your Screenshots!


Here’s the first thing I did with glass panes : replacing some gleam signs! :smiley:

And I tried to add some lattice pipes in a machine we have :

I’m quite happy with this update. Gonna take time to make all the glass panes I need, though. ^^’


the glass window ceiling with your little orchard is just beautiful :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Starting fresh again in a new area in a familiar world! Still under construction :smile:


Ouuuh, nice place Nyuudles! :smiley:
Kinda look like a lumber mill, factory-sized.


fancy roof spikes, pipes, lights and happy little trees. a good update indeed!


I like the lattice tree idea. :sunglasses:


@Apt and @boundmore
Or you could make a nice little Starberry planter with them Lattice Voxels :+1:

And now the berries have grown from it, ready to harvest :+1:


yes, indeed - these look good - I will most likely upgrade my floating vines on Lasaina using lattice chisel made wooden supports


I love the roof, looks like oxidixed copper. Beautiful.


the future of street lighting after lattice and pane update?

i mean general style and idea - lattice shapes for poles and lattice chiseled light source wrapped in glass panes of all kinds


Going to have a daily special at my blacksmith on Gyosha.


Having fun with the new update!


Really great stuff, everyone!! :smiley: Getting some ideas to “borrow” maybe… :wink:


Great log holder! I’ve pitched before redoing all the machines. I think we need like wood working machines or more task specific machines. If we had that your build would be perfect beside one…


over 20k trunks later im adding some foliage to get the vibe.


It needs to get a bit higher though :grin:
But for sure it will become a real Buugi-Tree :+1::+1:


ye thats like first layer. hehe.


go for dead/burnt tree - no foliage needed then


Was actually thinking it… i think im gonna change the plan 5 times when im making it :smiley: atm just looking some tree pics


I am planning on building a few (or more trees) on Till to shield my to-be-base there from ugly massive thing growing in the background - you for hire, sir?