Post Your Screenshots!


Sure. Im always up for some tree business . Haha


Trying out some plain glass panes " White " , love the look .


Stylish glass panes in daylight… love the panes so much, lots to do with them and really improve the look of things! :slight_smile:


@bucfanpaka so pretty :slight_smile:


Thanks!! :smiley:


So much work to get at an Oxide Violet gleam deposit with it’s usual (for Maryx) TWO gleam lol . .


I LOVE building bridges and @Apt just wow.
Here is my latest, still under construction and likely to get updated due to the lattice chisel.


I run into this lovely town yesterday by some random portal, was walking around there over one hour, very nice and impressive builds there. :slight_smile:


here are some of my projects still works in progress :slight_smile: ( each house represents a planet , tier 1 is almost complete )

And the yard of one of my castle like builds ( realy love this at night , feelds of blue )


Neat. Too bad there’s not more furniture to use. Or interactive things like light switches etc.


well all houses have a table and chairs and a couch , sometimes some extra things ( a bath , a toilet , lounge , kitchen , cabinets, … ) just trying stuff out :slight_smile:


P.S.Bitula Hub…"POWER ISLE "


Furnished Condos

move in ready


Kinda fancy… each one has their own helipad.


I know many people hate this sort of thing, but I did it anyway because I really love the seamless plain glass and wanted to preserve the big chasms. :smiley:


Made me think of Halloween lol



Every. Single. Time.

I will probably never ever get used to this. Seeing my workshop labeled as “Wild” definitely get the blood flowing :joy:



FINALLY starting to use precise chiseling, and trying to learn how to do roofing. First attempt at cleaning up a roof here with it, with @georgegroeg’s awesome tree portal in the background. :wink: Like I said, first shot, hopefully will get better at this over time.