Post Your Screenshots!


I hope the glass patterns carry over to doors



A nice recuperation spot after hauling all that marble


Fly like a cuttletrunk, sting like a bee!


Love that, so beautiful! :heart_eyes:



portal hub pretty much finished,
(connected to PS, TNT, and ULT, player portals avaialble)

and I’m also building a cave now :slight_smile:


Your place is absolutely amazing. I hate you! Lol. Just kidding.


Planet? So many places I’d love to visit but don’t always know where or the planet…


Antar VI, Pyrrhocoris estate,
portals at: TNT megahub (top floor), PS Circa I, portal at the house with red roof, jacey’s mall, or DK’s ult tree :slight_smile:


:smiley: thank you.
btw, I was at your place few days ago and I hate you too. very well done and atmospheric!


hahaha. Thanks. Wake and bake brought me to your place. I’ve been bringing people there now and telling them how inferior I feel. :raised_hands:


Not sure what happened here but something went wrong with my left arm. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seemed related to the grapple animation set and the direction I faced, but I hadn’t been using a grapple. Though equipping a grapple did fix it.

Expand for more weirdness.




A few shots from the latest exo - I like the look of this one a lot, so pretty! :slight_smile:


Can we keep it !!


I’m starting to re-glass the Chateau , the glass really changes the feel of the place and for the better I feel . Now to make the glass , a lot of glass ,The center window is white and the two outside are “cool blue” , I havn,t decided and may just use both colours.


My new storage room!


I think your style is amazing


Creation of the first played-made dungeon in Boundless:


Got a silty soil and sand farm going.
And built this cool water tower.


Okay, so this isnt a screen shot, its a photograph of some real life Boundless crafting!

Made from polymer clay and ready to bake and then paint :blush: