Post Your Screenshots!


I was hoping for marzipan!



A mass craft of edible totems?


That is some crafting that would really make you sick!!


:laughing: don’t give me ideas. I totally see a tray of totem cookies coming out the oven.


that is so cool Tricky. I’ll order one <3


Ill totally point that at the moon and lay down some bricks! WARP TIME!!!


Thanks <3 i wont be making any to sell though, i just made it for me cos i cant get online to do some game crafting :laughing:
I would think its copyrighted anyway, not sure


I will buy a mass craft of these please :laughing:


Wow be sure to wish this guy a happy Birthday and receive your free birthday gift. I chose the punisher armour. Honestly I couldn’t have made a better armour myself. Thanks devs. @james and the rest of the team.



Good morning sunshine!


I hope someone built a cake :slight_smile:


Another shameless window install update .


I was thinking of making an attempt last night, with torches for candles… maybe I’ll still try later. :smiley:


^ _ ^ love it


Your piramides are getting weird :slightly_smiling_face:


Sept 24, 2018. Back when the tower of power was just a tower.


At the beginning of a new journey :slight_smile: Happy birthday to you, Boundless :orange_heart:


Although it wasn’t on release day - I dug back in my FB uploads and I wasn’t in quite as early as I thought, they were dated the 24th, thought I was in before that - here are some shots I took on my first day in, to add to the theme. :slight_smile:

I do remember that I was very surprised at how much there was built already - I went in completely blind, saw it pop up as new on the PS Store. So I was kind of confused… I didn’t know it was cross-platform, thought it was simply a PS4 game that had just released. How did people build all this cool stuff already, I was thinking? Haha.

It really did capture my imagination from the first, it has such an atmosphere to it.


Yeah, my screenshots are also done slightly earlier) The earliest date is 17.08.18 Developers were give to us the opportunity to decorate the world and make it more convenient for new friends and it was a good idea)

First network was organized in 1-2 days and it’s amazing! It was very interesting to take first steps, choose among unknown worlds and explore them.