Post Your Screenshots!


mm… boori forest


!@#$$%#^& !!!
I HATE that Exo board, HAHAHA!

Thanks, though. Most of the building credit goes to Zephidyon. All of us Autumn Dellians like to have a little fun and not take things super seriously. :smiley:



@SamF I’ve created a build around yours to match with the builds in the future. hope u don’t mind, the water and ice are gone (except when u open the doors xD it gives u something to work with! )


Mixing in some ornate


Just logged in and saw this - it looks awesome, thanks!

Glad to see my place has the curb appeal to match the neighborhood now. It’s looking great round there now, I was checking out your store and portals earlier - love being a Xa Frant resident!


Thank you for those kind words, its a work in progress and building on such scale single handed is taking a lot of time, but everyday is a new improvement so and u wil see overtime that your location is rare like a shiny pokemon! Ive got much more to offer (yet my mental creativity is way different then the outcome rofl :joy:) I’m not a fancy builder but I’m enjoying what I do at the end I know it works out and I think… I love it when a plan comes together, anyways thanks for being a part of the future


New hardware store opening in downtown Gyosha Syndicate! Jk, I’m not selling anything yet, but someday perhaps! :wink:


Boop de boop


Sightseeing tour this evening… :slight_smile: Paid visits to @Apt’s and @MrAndo’s gorgeous places - had my Boundless Creed moment on the Lasaina Cathedral. :smiley:


Few landscape and city shots around the Exodus… there’s so many fantastic colour shifts from sunrise to sunset on this planet!


Love those… those would all make great wallpapers! :heart_eyes:


I love the 4th one!


Me too. That’s my new desktop background on my 2nd screen :smiley:

The sunshine one I posted the day before is on my 1st screen


The world in a goo drop.



Is that a true reflection?! If so thats freakin awesome! :sunglasses:


No, it is a reflection, or diffuse map, i think.


I found where the Exo worlds are coming from!! :laughing:


ooo thats cool!


Norkyna has me hooked right now! I keep trying to build something there but die every 10 minutes. :rofl:


Paid a visit to @AeneaGames’s beautiful beach, and wandering Trung a bit - it is a gorgeous world, should have explored it sooner! :slight_smile:

(Had to cool off after taking a nice lava plunge VERY early into the Reapers’ Trials… how embarrassing… :flushed: Glad nobody was around to see that…)