🏆 Prizes! Pixel-Art Competition! Sponsored by Portal Seekers!

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EDIT: This thread is old. See latest thread for proper info: 🏆 12 Million Coin - 2D Art Competition! Sponsored by Portal Seekers!

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Hello boundless citizens,

Portal Seekers has a bunch of footfall coin that we need to give away, and we’re hosting a public community building event to do so. ALL of our footfall coin (over 10 million) will be put in a prize pool and distributed to the top players in a pixel-art themed building competition. In order to begin working on the competition area we need to get an idea of: the rough number of people who are interested in competing, and the size of the art people are wanting to build.

Obviously we can’t judge a 2x2 piece of art against a 7x7 piece, but please just vote for what you would prefer to build and we will devise a fair competition once we know what people want.

To give some perspective on prizes, with 10 million coin we would give 50 people 100k coin and still have 5 million left over to distribute among the top 5 or top 10. We would like to have many prize winning places while still having some competition, so the number of prizes will be somewhat determined by the people interested in participating.

  • I would like to participate and build a 2x2 plot piece of pixel art
  • I would like to participate and build a 3x3 plot piece of pixel art
  • I would like to participate and build a 4x4 plot piece of pixel art
  • I would like to participate and build a 5x5 plot piece of pixel art
  • I would like to participate and build a 6x6 plot piece of pixel art
  • I would like to participate and build a 7x7 plot piece of pixel art
  • I would like to be a judge (unpaid volunteer)
  • I do not want to participate

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Id just turn mine vertical so a 4x1 could also do… have opposing plots build on the same plot boundary back to back, then even if you have hundreds of “rows” you’d still have 2 plots of distance to view art.

I_ II _I

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There was talk to have large roads to allow for distance in viewing each piece.

@Simoyd Are we going to have tall skinny plots for people ? Like he is saying…hmm would be interesting, since not all pieces will need to be square hehe

Also, YAY!!! I can’t wait for this :smiley: :smiley:

I think if you’re wanting a non-square aspect ratio then just take the count of plots you’d need and vote for what that would be in a square. for example if you’d like a 2x4 area (8 plots), then just vote for 3x3 (9 plots).

2x2 is enough, a pixel artist that cant work with 16x16 pixels is not a pixel artist!


Larger plots allow for Pixel landscapes or pixel art pieces :slight_smile: not just characters!

Is each build a single person project or can a small group (say 2 - 5) work together? Then they just split the earnings.

This has the potential to cause a lot of drama if someone slacks off and needs to be removed or if people are added. I would require that one person is the named person who receives the prize money, and you can distribute the coin among each-other after that. That way any drama remains in your group and not with portal seekers. You’ll have to trust the leader of your group.

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IMO 4x4 would seem like the best to allow for 16 bit-era art. Anything larger will get excessive quick


to be clear this competition would be for 2d artwork, not 3d. a few layers should be okay if you like but it should be largely 2d, not 3d.

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Yeah, I would like to see only 1 plot deep, and maybe 2 high 2 wide.

Damn. I was already doing the math on making a 2x2 plot look 3x3 from high up using optical illusion and angles… damn you restraints! Lol


sounds like a fun idea! but yea maybe next competition heh

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Good point! I get along real well with my buds so I didn’t think of that.
So to clarify, that would be ok, but the group would need a lead to represent and act as the whole. Yes?

yes exactly =D

Ooohhhh I love pixel art! Time to get my old graph paper drawings out


Sounds good, im not far enough along in my creative bag yet but i’ll definitely watch if im online

Looking forward to this!