Public market at EU Therka - Come and join us!


Portals in the market.

A new piece of road, entree from south via @Tillweed store.

Some new shops.

A view of @Elyasylum great build with first shop.


therka market to elopor


Looking good. Hope we’ll have more shops on the skyroad soon. :slight_smile:


My portal is going down. Maybe for a few days. It will be back and sweller than ever!

back up! … that was fast!!


Nice, I’ve used your Therka portal a few times to go search for hard coal as there seems to be a lot there. (I normally sell 1 or 2 rough stones each time I travel through any portal to help out)

After seeing all your interplanetary hubs I’m curious as to whether there is a plan you have in mind for total coverage?

                             Planetary Transfer Line 

Once i Connect to Alurnik I will have a line that spans all of the ring worlds. from there i will have lines that branch to each starter planet and eventually the moons. Here are the planets connected thus far. Therka, Munteen ll, Vulpto, Nasharil, Berlyn, and Elopor
Thank you so much to all who sell me rough ort stones! its a big help! For all who dont know i am buying rough ort stone for 25c each at my Therka stall.
I will do a wright up with pictures later.


I am looking into placing a shop now, since I earned a free plot lol (I’m so out of them these days).

Just to be sure - is it ok to take space side of the stairs leading to the eastern part? (the kind of castle there with a glass house). I mean, its not on the side of the road as such but a bit higher where the steps lead up to an end and into someone’s bigger building.

I provisionally placed a beacon there as you can see. If I get a green light I’d like to start building.

EDIT: never mind - I have found a proper location along one of the side roads - the shop is ready :sunglasses:


And for the clearance, you can take any free spot. :slight_smile:


So I’ve opened a new portal from my Therka base to munteen:

As i say at the bottom of the post you can find my shop at Therka market with a portal to my base, then the Munteen portal is the next tower over. Very good spot resource wise!


Some more shops…


I just finished building my shop! The first floor has a portal that leads to munteen (and from there is a portal to my castle in septerfon). The second floor will have items for sale/to buy. Ignore the weird graphics in the back, my poor mac can’t handle everything that I deal to it haha!


Found this on the desert side. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome, can’t believe I didn’t spot it but then I now always use the portal to get from the portal hub to the market.


Soon only some short spots of road, then we are connected :slight_smile:


Thanks to @Damion, that build the road at desertside.
Let it grow :slight_smile:

My first portal leading to @Kawwak´s build and the good buildings around there.
Its close to market but a terrible way to run…

A new shop.

@Jeffrotheswell´s updated portal building

And a nice nightview.

Sorry for wrong name…


Part of your road way (desert side) isn’t beaconed and had regenerated. Cleared up now, but thought I’d warn you in case you didn’t know :slight_smile:


I know, i was out of plots when building it…
I will fix that.

Thanks for pointed it out :slight_smile:


Checked out the west end of the Market this-morning and bumped into Damion, working on the road. I love what you’ve done with the tunnel, @Heureka. I also stopped by @AnnieGYG shop and gobbled up all that Red Gleam, so thanks! Glad to see Therka Market is thriving.


Just want to make it clear that the co-ords are 1252, 85, 1872, please ignore the “-”, it is a dash and not a minus co-ord.


New shops.

@Naxie´s portal to his beautiful garden.