Public market at EU Therka - Come and join us!


@Heureka what are your plans for the left branch of the western tunnel as you’re leaving the Market? I see you’ve started channeling it out.

I was considering setting up a store and a portal inside the tunnel, if you’re open to that?


Its not me channeling it out, some one else was beaconed it for a store, but it looks, if you want to build behind a door, its no problem.


Just wanted to mention that through @Naxie 's portal there will by the end of the week be a massive portal hub opening up with a portal to every single planet. all the portals are placed, just need the week to farm the oort stone! :smiley:


I saw it, it looking impressive :slight_smile:


the portal with the 07 in the background is mine (my little groups). We have a portal next to it inside going to our pixelgate shop as well (so its an easy way to get between both markets). Just need to make 100 more plinths or so xD


I’m happy to contribute some oort stone in the future. I’ll contact you ingame sometime :slight_smile:


I can give you 100 more Plinths when you Need… Or more :wink: :joy::angry::sunglasses:


Hi all,

I have started a shop at the Therka Market too.

Here are some screenshots.
This is the front of the shop. It is next to the big portal to Solum.
A nice view of the selling plinths. I sell tools/weapons mostly. I am expanding the shop at this moment.
Here you see the back entrance of the shop. This exit is on the Tiger-road. (A new road that TIGERMAIKS, NL-Tim and I made)

I hope you like it. :grinning:


Therka Market has really exploded over the last couple of weeks. I was trying to help a new player find a location and we really weren’t able to find anything along the paths so they ended up looking in Pixelgate instead.


That is why we created a new road as well. People can start a shop there and even expand the road.

So far Silvermoan, NL-Tim, TIGERMAIKS and I had no trouble finding a good place to start a shop.


Hello =D

I see in Therka White Gleam…
How or where can i Find them…?
or is it Actually in the Game?
Or is it possible to Trade with anybody?

And another Question…
How can i find or Craft Glyphe- Blocks?

Thanks for your Help =D


It’s actually a cream color gleam. You can get it on Septerfon and Epsilo and another planet that I forgot.

To craft glyph blocks go to


white gleam is not in the game, existing blocks were left though.

CREAM gleam is in many places, on any moon planet, septerfon, epsilo, elopor, or andoweem. you can mine it with a copper ahmmer or better.

you can trade with people by activating them (default is E) and then they activate on you as well, that will open the trading menu. you need to put something into the “basket” then hit the button at the bottom.

glyph blocks are currently unavailabel, just like white gleam. all blocks are left, but there is no way to GET it.


Thanks for your Answer =)

Why can She Placed White Gleam?
Colorindex 5…
I have show the Indexnumber from the Console…

She have the Gleam the Last Days placed…
I run this way everyday…
And Now she have:
Or is the Block Only for Developer?


She must have had the blocks before they were no longer available, and held onto them.


Pharaoh did indeed have white gleam before it was removed from the game. That is why it was able to be placed.


Thanks for Pictures @Dooooom89 =D


I have deleted my shop and this spot will be available soon at the Therka Market.

So if you want this spot, please let me know.


Sorry to hear that, @SWProzee1. Where are you building now?


@swprozee1 I’ve come up with some pretty interesting ideas to implement for monetary gains once the new update goes live, hit me up in game, would love to do some dank building with you :wink: