Public market at EU Therka - Come and join us!


I personally like all the Sky bridges to get to miakodae’s sky shop


Very nice :slight_smile:

But its not my build you up in, its @Elyasylum who build it.


Thanks, corrected it! I saw your name somewhere or I’m just tired…


The connecting road is mine :slight_smile:


New south area under construction.



Therka feels like ancient rome now. Mayor changes like everyday :joy:


@Heureka will always be the king of therka in my book.


Sometimes we pray to him silently. :innocent:


Done my addition in the North West Corner, Mainly selling tools like Gold Hammers atm.


Damn guys here happened so much since i left here^^


Still growing.


Started a new build in the mountain, not yet sure how it will end.
I will try use the waterblock (Thanks to @SWProzee1) for something nicely.


I think its time to rename it to Therka City now lol.


Has it reached City status?


I think so…


Not yet, it requires 5 million points or not? Therka Market have 4.5 million now.


What I meant is, its more than just a market now.


did a bit about the plaza check it out please : Moebius plaza and portals explained epic upgrade


not a chance @luke-turbulenz lmao


Well, Therka Market has 5.000.874 right now but still shows (Town) next to the settlement name.
So that is either a bug or we just need more prestige points… maybe 10 million ?