Public market at EU Therka - Come and join us!


I think yes its 10 million then.


Well, I noticed the same thing…
Then there is just 1 thing to do, keep going till we hit the City state :wink:


After that it’s Great City.


Or we need to wait until something refreshes or its really a bug cause I reached 1 million on Iron Sky and it still writes its a village not a town.


Is 1,000,000 prestige the town requirement then? Elop Portas was already well over a million when 169 hit, so it was already a town.

There are a handful of feats that aren’t displayed, and some that just don’t seem to be active, such as the settlement status of individual beacons;


I think so cause Forge Lakevalley reached town status as 1 million, or maybe at 1.2 million


Well 250,000 is a village, so perhaps 1,250,000 is a town?


Maybe, we will see :wink:


Some shots from the mountain, work in progress.


new social project on market


new tutorial about market


You were right, 1.250.000 is a town, so i guess a city will be more then 5.000.000, its not bugged.


Building a new road to the east.

Passing DarkFurys great build.


Soon at @Kawwak:s gleamtower.


Finish to @Kawwak.


Therka Market reached city status! :smile: (Its 6mil of prestige for city)


Spreading the market with the roads, You part of market now to, i think.


Although it’s good for Therka Market to reach city status, this is one aspect of Boundless I’m not over keen on.

It’s possible to assimilate other cities and absorb them into your own, no matter how far away they are, just by connecting a road to them. Roads are supposed to connect cities, not merge them into one.

I can imagine a group of friends playing together and building a cool settlement, only for some bigger group of players to build a road to them, and they’ve suddenly been absorbed. I think this will put people off to be honest.


I agree, it can start lots of bad feeling between groups, people that are happy with a little settlement at a cosy lake with good fishing, lovely flowers and singing birds (i think i heard the coco-bird the other day), and a expanding prestige-hunter group with the goal of conquer the world.

To avoid such conflicts in boundless, the small groups need to have more power to say no, without being forced by expanding group.

One way could be the ability for settlement to chose if they will go with the big guys or keep their settlement, maybe a simple click-list with actual towns around you, where you chose to witch you will belong (even your own), maybe a job for the mayor.

Another way is to only allow members in a town to build in its area. Mayor or citizens could put friend-tokens in the beacon to allow player to build in town.

Hope when guild-beacon appear, some of the problem get solved.


Thanks @Heureka for the brick donation last night. I was able to get my shop all remodeled.


It look very good :slight_smile:


I know this is an old post but I just joined thirka and I want to get to this place if it still exists? Thanks