Public market at EU Therka - Come and join us!


@cameracartwright Therka Market very much still exists and is thriving as a large community. Hope you are able to locate it.


I’m south west of silva riccini, could I make it there on foot? I’ve only played like 3 hours, I hate the area I’m in complete snow :frowning:


I started near Silva Riccina.

Therka Market is at -1884N, 1267E. With no skills it’s about 30 minutes of running to get there (maybe a bit less if you keep going straight).


I finally made it to the market but wow my fps plummeted to around 25fps, normally get 59fps anyone have any ideas? Or should I change my settings


The fps in the built up areas is something we still need to optimise. The Reflections option can add quite a bit of cost but only in some cases where it thinks there are water reflections.


Ok thank you :slight_smile: absolutely love this game it’s incredible. When typing chat in game can everyone read it just there were a few people near me at the time and no one replied lol


Everyone local to you can see chat. Its a bit easy to miss at the moment though, using the emotes to attract attention eg
type /wave, tends to help.


@NL-Tim @the-moebius I would like for this (or nearby it) to go to Iron Sky (which connects to my shop and Elop Portas’ market):

Can I get a destination token?


problem its toxip property and tim took it over beqause beacon ran out
but i can give you the one to stretchious build
because was thinking of closing that one


because i allready have a new shop and it serves me no purpose stretchious has conection to therkamarket allready


im on plaza now


Sorry, only reading this now. On my way.


Hi yeah, the-moebius is right. That plot is actualy from Toxip and I am guarding it for Toxip. Changes to portals, though already inactive, should be made only if @toxip agrees.

Alternative option: The portal street adjecent to the plaza, portals enough there to hand out tokens for (free).


its fixed he got the one to minersbluff i didn need it


Even the greatest towers look small when you’re high enough :smiley: Got that shoot me in the space bug, so took a chance to screenshot this :smiley:


We’ll need to think about this then.

My first thought here is that once a settlement reaches a certain level then it can’t be merged into a bigger settlement when connected by a road. This would mean that players who have independently achieved a required settlement level would be protected from assimilation.

(I’m beginning to think of @Heureka as the Therka Market Borg Queen!!)

Merging Cities

What is a borg?


I think this is a good first move, but I think you may also need to account for nearby groups that want to merge into a common settlement at a later time.

My personal preference would be that the initial formation of a settlement should be either by a single player with enough beacon prestige, or by several players that hold the required prestige between them, who make the conscious choice to join together (although I guess this part would be covered by a guild/clan?).

From there, have it so that players that place a beacon down within the limits of an existing settlement, are notified that they are joining that settlement (or give them a choice if they are wedged between multiple settlements).

When a settlement expands to the border of another player, I think that player should be given a choice as to whether they want to join the settlement or not (this will basically prevent unscrupulous players building a road out to starting players just to assimilate their builds, before they know whats-what - and before they get too far built up to do anything about it).


Hey! Is THAT what the pink unicorn character model is wearing?!


If they say “Resistance is futile” instead of “Yabo!” then I would have to say yes :thinking: