Public market at EU Therka - Come and join us!


Was thinking of this…


How do i find this and join you guys im on the server but dont know how to get to your city


EU - Therka - 1252, 85, 1872


Depending on how you guide yourself it can be (-1860N,86,1346E) or (1365,86,1861)


It is marked with a yellow square on the compass. You have to be on the planet named Therka to see it though.


I would suggest having a menu option that appears once you reach settlement status that lists all other settlements within joining range. You can then choose a setting for your beacon:

  • public settlement - anyone can join your settlement
  • private settlement - other beacons need to ask permission to join. You can accept or decline from the nearby beacon list

In terms of being absorbed by other people, I would say that small beacons get automatically joined to public settlements, with the option to secede and become independent once they reach settlement status themselves. If multiple settlements are in range then they get to choose which to join.

Once you reach settlement status, you can no longer be automatically absorbed. You can look at the list of accessible settlements and choose to join one, or remain independent.

The name of the settlement should be decided by the founding beacon. If someone joins your build and ends up with a more prestigious section, then they have to secede if they want to change the name. If you choose to join another beacon, you accept their name. Size should be irrelevant at this point with the join-er accepting the name of the join-ee (if that makes sense). If ‘Giant City’ chooses to join up with ‘Tiny Hamlet’ then the whole thing is now called ‘Tiny Hamlet’. This should also be separate from the mayor system.


hey @Heureka therkamarket had a reset maybe now we can finally fill in that damn hole in the ground lolz are you active at the moment?
got stuff to showya :smile: and i miss your inspection visits :smile:


Hi @the-moebius, i have been away a few weeks, but soon coming back.
I am curious to see what new. :slight_smile:


:smile: come find me for full tour :smile:


Saved @oTBonEo :s castle, half of it was unplotted.
saved @Lynxdragon :s shop, tell me if you want it back.
Plotted roads around the market that expired.


Hey man, Ill be coming back since my brother just bought the game. If you still have my shop claimed I would love to have it back, if not that is fine. More pissed about the bug that saw me lose everything, decided to take a break after that.


It still there, its yours when you want.


Thanks very much for saving it. :slight_smile:


Animals in Therka market, Sorry if i miss some…


Is this what became Therka Market? If so, interesting! :slight_smile:


who made chicken on a stick need to revisit all off therkamarket soon :smile:


There is something strange going on at Therka Market, especially the Plaza.

I just bought a portal token, stuffed it with shards and openend the portal from the other side.
Two hours later, the portal was closed and the token selling plinth that was in front of the portal removed.

Was this an accident or is someone closing it on purpuse? Don’t have the funds to keep reopening it anyway. Did see bobmarley around, but that could be coincidence.

Anyone at the plaza knows what happend? Maybe did someone accidently close it.

It’s about this portal under the ‘Free’ sign (which wasnt updated yet):

Very sad edit:

How convenient, a player decided to build right next to me, on purpuse blocking a build… It is just a single empty wall of plots without further building in it. I agree that all players have the right to build and plot somewhere, but I have built in the middle of nowhere to prevent this from happening and still are players blocking others. There is room enough for everyone, but this is what I call plot griefing.

I no longer believe this original post about the portal was an accident, as the plots are taken by the same player as mentioned above: bobmarley. Is this an alt account of someone, as I have never seen this plater online before?

Very sad that this is happening. @james What is the best way to handle issues like this? I know there are others experiencing exact the same issue. Hope this will be sorted out by gamemechanics before reaching 1.0, it is really affecting the gameplay and the (positive) community. I am here to have fun playing the game, and not for having to deal with this kind of childish actions. :frowning:

Bob marleys apoligy to NLtim

yeah have same issue in aquatopia and on plaza its very sad heres something to cheer ya up


This sounds like the exact issue we had with Nature and the Red Gleam basically in directly targeting another person.

I think it would be best @NL-Tim to provide a rough time code and time zone as well as exact locations for @James and the developers so they can investigate the logs and try to determine how to handle it.


im bob marley i did it today and also i closed his portal
no need to look for me i have plans with those plots and its my right to take em

i have plans for those plots is same things tim says to me about all the plots he owns around every build i started in this game even in aquatopia?
also they stay unused for over a year all tim does is fueling them to anoy me
epic troll in my opinion now dont come wining to me
thinking about make a chillroom for bob there :wink: