Public market at EU Therka - Come and join us!


Those guys are nasty … I love them for attacking and annoying everyone ^^ … But if you have a slingbow you will become a bit more a survivalist when facing them :wink:


I used 12 plots to build the bridge over the valley, rest belongs to the fort.


hey there!,welcome to boundless :slight_smile:


Nice to see how steadily the community is growing since latest updates :slight_smile:


I love how the community is still so nice after all this time :slight_smile:


hey guys i have a new Idea with my castle cause i got stuck in a problem. maybe we can build it near the market place again. what do you think could that be a good comunity project?


You sure welcome here, but i do not know if you can add friends to a beacon yet, for adding plots and build inside.


plots i have enough for the castle (mining lvl50) so that shouldn’t be the problem.


is there an Area where you want it to be build or am i free to choose the place

base Size 50*40 Blocks


You are free to build where you want, its lots of free areas around. :slight_smile:
I can probably commit some materials, if you want.
If you want a gate from the bridge, or road, just let me know.


that would be awsome. but the only ressource im very lack of, are tools like hammer shovel and hands to work with me.

and here again my special thanks to @BunnyNabbit for his great work.
It was not for nothing.(google translate xD)


Got some time to vamp up the desert-tunnel a little.


Some new shops :slight_smile:

And @oTBonEo:s great work in progress.


maybe we can get some water for the bridge from @james or @luke-turbulenz or some other devs.


How it should look when finished


More new shops. :slight_smile:

@Vollmilch castle.


aww man. You guys are making some awesome stuff. I really want to join some active players. Can someone give me a taxi from Vena V and I will relocate to your settlement :stuck_out_tongue:


agreed,i popped by the town (i live not that far away) before and it does look cool :slight_smile:

clever used of the pipes for fences (why didnt i think of that! lol)


Am I getting ripped? Went to the market and there was a selling plinth with about 10 separate stacks of coordinates, so I think cool buy one of each and they will be all different location I haven’t been to. Except once I buy they’re all the exact same coordinate. RIP coin


haha yeah you need to split the stack :wink: