Public market at EU Therka - Come and join us!


Yeah I took 1 from each stack by splitting them :stuck_out_tongue:
Might be a bug?


possibly,not used plinths yet,that or they where very high priced :stuck_out_tongue:


must be a bug. I have new plinths set at eu market selling one location ea for 1c ea to make up for any coins you may have lost buying my bugged location markers.


Looks to be an issue with purchasing location markers from a plinth - they stack! They then take on the first markers details. If you purchase any more, make sure you use each one before buying the next!

I’ve raised it as an issue…


I live not that far away from here i was also here last night :smiley:


Now we’re almost finished

Take a look


We also opened a Shop with donation Plinths

if you want to help Us and you have too much materials left
so feel free to visit us and place it in the 3 plinth on the right
next to the bridge

thank you in advance


Some new buildings.


Some new builds at the market.


The very basic leaf-roofed one is mine :slight_smile:
Will be improving it and putting stuff up for sale soon! Still working on my fortress at 1853,76,-77 at the moment.


I just visit there, very nice build.


A new machine-room under construction in the mountain.


I’m going to be selling warp picker ammo shortly, considering the materials are:

Gold x 5
Copper x 50
Compact Soft Coal x 7 (Spark)
Bone Extract x 5

And a large amount of time, i’ve settled on a price of 3000 coins, would anyone pay that?


Sorry to break it to ya, its much easier to acquire a location marker for a planet vs warp picker. Also no one has 11000 coins :neutral_face:


I have 28000 :yum: my mining is capped at 50 and I’ve barely left therka, just die on the other planets​:grin:


People have been selling planet location markers (basically the same thing as a warp location picker) for about 500 coin (back when I was playing, price may be way down now due to the quantity of people who have most the planets). If you’re selling at a market I can almost guarantee you there is someone there with a booth set up selling planet markers cheap.


@Jeffrotheswell is the location man and I have seen his prices from 1C to 56C.


i’m now selling location picker ammo for your totems at 1000 coins, don’t expect to sell anytime soon but just letting everyone know :wink:

Edit: lowered my other prices and renovated a little, now selling compact coal and will be adding lots more.


It was morning after the first day, the haze was cold when the sun raised from behind the mountains.
The bird start singing and the valley slowly waken up, and it was good to see.


Where did the tree house at EU market go?? :open_mouth: