Pyramid shape blocks

An extra 9 block shapes would give us Pyramid Blocks to build with :smiley:
The bottom row, these are the basic Pyramid blocks.
The middle row, the same blocks chiseled once …
… the top row shows the blocks you get after chiseling them twice.

Below some examples, we could make

try to imagine how these blocks would combine with the existing blocks
… endless possibilities :+1::+1::+1:


This one would actually chisel fine too, chisel face and it ‘implodes’ to remove a pyramid shape from the face. So the ‘single pyramid’ takes 5 chisels to remove the 5 bits leaving one small one left


So what makes a chisel variation be possible to implement?
The max number of combinations if I understood correctly?

Definitely want more shapes
This one too: Suggestion: steep and shallow chisels

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This one too: Slope Chisel Woes

… More variation for existing chisel types so the slopes aren’t so “smoothed” out. I’d like to be able to have a clean&clear line down this valley, not a series of bumps.

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I could use those at the new farm (under construction)

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what about a chisel that rounds off corners :smile:

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