Q: I'm having connection / lag issues - help!?


Which Boundless server are you attempting to play on??


US West I believe.


I’m from Melbourne Australia, lag and rubber banding has made the game unplayable this week. Wasn’t nearly this bad prior. Still had the occasional lag spike but seems to have worsened recently. Hope this info helps.


Have you tried the Networking test we recently released? Steam Beta code is SXG7buBiOohbTjQr3nz6.


Not yet, I will give that a go. Is it a different sever?
It came good after I posted that last night and I was able to play with minimal issues.


Please give the network build a try and report the result. It connects to the same worlds so it should be easy to use.


The only issue I’ve experienced is what I call “ghosting”. Sometimes a block will break, then appear, then break (all within a second). The “ghosting” has happened “pretty” consistently and I’ve only played a few hours the past few days (I finally learned you got key mapping!!!).

I’ve seen a similar issue on my Minecraft server years ago. After a lot of troubleshooting I discovered disc I/O was the bottle neck (my Linux server has excessive RAM/CPU). I upgraded my Linux hardware to M.2 form factor NVMe SSD (Samsung Pro 950) for OS and Minecraft. Now I have a SSD that’s nearly as fast as RAM. “Ghosting” has never popped up and we even cranked up the view range to 16 on server to load more chunks.

Does your server application have a lot of file system I/O or does it keep as much data as possible in RAM? I don’t have access to server side or code so I don’t know what you’re doing.

I doubt it’s my wired network.


DUDE!! you have a 1TB line woooahhh FTTP?


Also @james what are the rules of third party programs (for example if i could monitor my data travel route and try to optimise it resulting in better ping and maybe less packet loss if any)

i have plenty of knowledge of networking also cryptography :stuck_out_tongue:


Just don’t cheat.


Ok thats cool (don’t believe in cheating)


If you discover we’re doing something stupid we’d be interested to learn about it.


Will do :slight_smile:


Well i did indeed find out kinda why my ms is a little high

xp1-xe-0-0-1-0.us-ash.eu.bt.net ( <hostname of your server :P)

when i boot my game up the it sends alot of traffic (which is normal based on everything being loaded)

but when i left it there for about 10 mins it did see it send the data via a odd path a inefficient one (at least based on my location) i find it odd how i get 400 ms i have a stable line and it’s not the location as i am also in the uk (Southampton) tho i do have a idea to re-route the data to a more optimal path to see if that does improve my performance in theory it should :slight_smile: (question is how much by xD )


400ms is v.high. Which world are you connecting to?


Hey sorry i passed out… xD that was when i was on Eu therka (i used the network testing version)

based on my location to the sever in London i should be getting around 20/30 ms (it’s like 50 miles away also what i get in other games)


Are you on a wireless network?


Make sure you try the Testing update we released on Friday.


yeah ive been on the testing version sins Friday and no i’m on a wired connection

it ms seems to be better on the testing server which is odd as its vena

but i routed my data via London and get 215ms


WOOHOO ok so i went to boundless folder set all rights to admin,changed the heap size (-heapsize 2097152)

and rerouted the data to a closer London server and this is my result :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Edit:my ping to the server i’m rerouting it too is around 15-17ms and from a test i just done the network testing version does not like me re-routing date is crashes instantly (testing server is more stable then the rest of them xD)