Q: I'm having connection / lag issues - help!?


With around 60 seconds of testing I had about 15 request timeouts


Ok thanks. And how much “rubber banding” do you experience in the Testing version of Boundless?


I will test for you and get back to you tomorrow!


Hey there, I’ve pretty much been having lag ever since I tried to play this game; I think I’ve talked to you about it before, but I’ll post it on this thread now.

Here are my results:

No matter what server I try to play on, I’ll still get about the same amount of lag, and the game is practically unplayable for me.

I feel like it is more on my part because of my shoddy internet, but I’d still really like to play this game. I know when I go off to college in another year I’ll have good speeds, but I want to see if there’s anything I can do now.


Lag is coming in bursts today. Sorry if this is necroing :x.

Union City, CA

Testing 22 - Report issues here

i have this problem with Boundless this happens everytime idk whats causing it i just know its probably not my internet since i just upgraded it to a better connection, I have played Boundless for 14 hours not much really due to the very high “ms” that i keep getting,my “ms” would reach 1000+ and thats practically you cant do anything other then wait for the server to respond to the action i wanted to do. i tried lowering all of the graphic (game is still so beautiful gotta hand it to the devs) to the lowest settings but there was no difference the same occurance happened actually i think it got worse when i lowered it. But yeah thats all i can tell, not really much of a geek when it comes to codes and stuff. Sorry if my english was hard to understand if you have any question about my problem feel free to reply


Can you share the 3 requested logs explained in the original post?


So since the Per pixel lighting does baaaaaad things to my game, does that mean my PC does not handle the game very well? :cold_sweat::disappointed: I hope not!


you can try with per-pixel on, but with smooth-normals off (smooth-normals option is one of the most expensive sub-options of per-pixel lighting)


For everyone who has had issues with lag please give the Networking beta a try.

(@Squidgy, @Heureka, @Miige, not you @nevir, @Combatman12, @Scortion, @sikerow, @dwarvenname, @Nyuudles, @ranox410, @Jenndragonfly)

The details for accessing the Networking beta are at the bottom of the Release 147 announcement (Steam Beta unlock password is SXG7buBiOohbTjQr3nz6).

If you can report the result it has on your networking + lag experience then we can consider making it an official release.



Thanks will try straight away


works like a charm only had 700ms apear wiht red text just once super happy that i can finaly play again. but there is one thing that enoys me and that is the block delay when i breake it it takes a second or 5 to dissapear and turn in to a block that i can take


Thanks for the feedback.


Around 25 - 30 ms on eu home.
Still some lagging when breaking block.

I got a low framrate (25 - 35), but its maybe my old gpu.


Tested it quickly, but seemed to work extremely well!


This is me playing on the network-test build


in-game: http://i.imgur.com/bUFcoTc.jpg


So…evidently I’m getting packet loss. Does anyone know how I can fix this issue?


The domain is wrong in the packet loss test - it’s missing an “s”.


Whoops, my bad. At least it’s not packet loss, but I’m still lagging and getting a red display at the top of my screen that has reached 100k ms before. Might be my internet connection, as I’ve only been able to play Boundless without lag once. I generally get 28k ms on both the normal version and network test beta.