Q: What server configurations will be available for Boundless?


We’re just trying to help you understand that you may be misremembering the original dev plan and that you don’t need to demand a refund because the game is following the same path it always has been.

Zouls is just being Zouls. He typically prefers logic and doesn’t care for emotion. As long as his logic is correct and yours isn’t, he’ll assume superiority. Only saying this because I know he’ll agree with it. You just have to sort of adapt and accept that as his personality and realize that underneath it all he’s only trying to correct you in order to help you better understand.


Yes, thank you. That is probably the nicest way you can describe me. @CommissarMouse you are wrong. you made a mistake, we all do, which is completely fine. All i want you to say is i made a mistake, and if possible i would like a refund rather than you didnt do what i thought you were going to do so i DEMAND a refund!!

I have a very low acceptence for lack of logic as what mentioned. It bothers me greatly.


Wait. if i’m objectively right and the other is objectively wrong. then i am superior right?

Starts to ponder the endless wisdom of @Clexarews


But you still suck at capitalization, so that counters any amount of superiority you might have earned.


@CommissarMouse The best thing for you to do right now is either A) accept that you misunderstood some minor detail and move on, or B) refuse to accept responsibility and get your refund from Wonderstruck. I’m sure they’d be happy to return your money rather than have to deal with your tantrums further. What is NOT an option here, is to continue to rage about on the forums. Seek your refund via direct message or email with wonderstruck. NOT HERE.





A+++ would derail conversation again :stuck_out_tongue:


There wasn’t much of a discussion anyway, @Clexarews managed to deflate it nicely and cleanly.


Basic @Zouls


Well there is a reason that I have replies which are several thousand words long.

though @CommissarMouse if is a bit of a consolation price I will agree with you that calling the servers hosted by wonderstruck “private servers” is a bit of a poor choice of words.


I still feel sorry for you because you had to witness the pure stupidity of this one guy who wanted the game to be free :c
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Nah he isnt stupid, he just misunderstood which happens to all of us :grinning:


I’m talking about the steam guy.
The one with the “good arguments”


Oh yeah, the “Early access game should all be free and anybody who disagree is a child” Yeah that dude was… Off. But that is off-topic, no need to derail it even further, i guess @Havok40k can clean it up a bit when he has time.


That sounds like a lot of work, and my D&D group is starting in like 5 minutes…


Did people even get around to tell @CommissarMouse that the reason that independent servers can’t conenct to the main hub is becasue it would be easily abusable to spawn in items, and change data for players?

Also something I thought about. Independently hosted servers, how much of information a wonderstruck server have do they hold? Because if collecting information about the lore becomes a thing you can be damn sure people would just look through the server files to find all the information.


Zouls tried to bring up abuse but the guy just thought Zouls was accusing him of cheating


I didn’t tell to forget about configuration(so modifying configuration files is the only means to configure by your definition?), as I gave one opinion how it could be done, I said to forget how it’s done in Minecraft as how it’s done there would open possibility for abuse and/or security loopholes here(meaning the need to load the configuration files from the user to the server, do I need to explain further?).

A beacon like system to control the permissions probably is the best way to do it and most well integrated to keep the immersion to the game. Perhaps they could reuse the old beacon system in the private worlds as the capital beacons we have now but they would cover the whole world(they would still need to make an block or object to inter act with the beacon though).