Q: What server configurations will be available for Boundless?


This is sort of my expectation.


I’m wondering if the below screen (taken from an older post on the forums), will be some kind of transition screen for when you create a portal - I mean, will you get to decide which world it will go to (as long as it is nearby)…

With that, people will then at least know where they are creating a portal to, be it to a public or leased world. Any public worlds you have not yet been to, will effectively be “unknown”, so you wont know where you’re going until you get there


I think it’d be cool if there was an item or player ability or something later in the game that allowed you to use an interface like that. But it seems more fun for complete novices (which all of our characters will be at 1.0) to teleport to a random world upon building their first portal.


This information might be outdated but Portals will supposedly work like that:

And in order to get to a new world you would use ‘Warps’:

So it seems like the plan is (was) that you warp to a completely random world without any influence or interface.


At least it will still be to a world that is effectively nearby to your current world.

Hopefully how these were planned to work will still be the case, it’s a nice sounding system.


I didn’t want to make a new thread so i revive this one.

Official Private Boundless Servers - Players will also be able to buy and create their own world. These worlds will be accessed from the main game universe. Players can control who has access to their world.

I have a question. If you will rent an server an official private server, will you be able to get something like infinite plots on your server or have an option to atleast disable auto regeneration? You will be able to grant building/enter permission to your world anyway.

I personally would love that feature because i love building and honestly i stopped playing it because i can’t get more plots. Building in a private world without the plot limit would be an awesome feature.

And after all, imagine building such city from trailer with current plot limit :slight_smile: Literally impossible.


People in the test server are talking about having 600+ plots in just a month or two since it went up. I think the xp overhaul will fix much of the plot-block issues of live.


Remember that the xp speed and amount of received rewards (skill points/plots/coins) were multiplied. It only slowed down to 1.5x in 166.


Even 600 plots are just enough to finish an Oort Temple project. I’m talking about much bigger structures and honestly farming for 1 month just to be able to build a structure is a waste of time (and money).

Renting a server would be a great way to create your own cool city with amazing structures.
After all, only purpose of beacons existence is that they protect your plot from other other people, and the plot limit exists beause you you’re not suppsed to claim the whole server area just by yourself.

I’m looking at this from minecraft player perspective. I could make a private server and give myself unlimited amount of plots, but that’s not the experience i want. When i first bough minecraft i looked for official servers but there were none. Boundless offers you much more. You will be able to create a real sandbox community and join any other player in the world in the same game. I can’t even imagine how big boundless will be, but i’m sure it will be huge.

So as i said, i want to build something huge and share it with others. Plot limit would only block me and other players from doing that. I can’t imagine building my city and spending all my plots on roads again…


If you want to build something big and share it, build it with others together … If you want to build something very big for your own and share it, have an own world cut off from the normal B< universe, so that people can visit you but not with there own equip and progress in normal play (because that would ruin all batman ingredients efforts).

But keep in mind: as you build big buildings you will also generate XP at that time which will give you additional plots… So that could be also a positice side effect to make own servers obsolete for you.


I’ll be honest, this is a question to which I’ve wanted an answer to since I knew privately-rented servers that were still connected to the boundless universe would be a thing. It is basically the deciding factor of whether I think I would pay money for one or not.

I’ll play boundless either way of course, and I’d spend a good deal on time on public worlds. If a rented server gave me the scope to build outside of the plot limit while on that specific server though, I would absolutely pay the monthly fee for it. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t bother with it.

I don’t want to be able to pay for actual advantage (and I don’t think unlimited plots on a private server constitute that), but I don’t mind paying extra to be able to play the way that I want to when I’m feeling less sociable.


I want to touch a question about size of servers. Will servers have different sizes not only in amount of players per world but in amount of chunks too? Will it be related one to other? Will it relate with visible size from nearest worlds?

For example some server can be cheap and small like a planet of le Petit Prince - 5€/m, 600×600 blocks, 12 players; or huge and expensive like Starkiller Base - 50€/m, 12800×12800, 256 players.

How will be private worlds attached to universe graph - will the owner choose place between stars or private worlds will be exist in some kind of parallel space (1 hop to every another planet)?


world size trivia:

The game actually requires worlds to be at least a certain size, or else we’d need to do a LOT of work in the rendering. The problem is your draw distance is about 1km, which is a 2km diameter sphere (lets say circle for now to talk about chunks), and the largest LODed chunk is 256m across which adding in a buffer there means in terms of chunks that get rendered you can be rendering in a worst case approximately 2.5km in a single draw of the world (so ignoring portals which are seperate draws). If the world were less than about 2.5km across, we would need to do a lot of work in the rendering to be able to support the fact that with wrapping, the same physical chunk can be in more than one place at once during rendering, and supporitng that wouldn’t be easy by any means, not just the actual rendering itself, but all of the visibility/occlusion queries involved too.

Seperately from this, the world generation, and yes, even the texturing, requires itself certain discretised sizes for wrapping of the world itself, and of the block texturing, to work everywhere. The biggest LOD chunks are 256m across, which means the world size must be divisible by 256. Seperately, we have blocks whose texturing is based on 2x2 and 3x3 grids of detail, which means the world must also be divisible by 2 and 3. In total, it means our world size must be divisible by 768m… except there is something (that presently I cant remember), that requires divisible by 2 world dimensions at each LOD level, which means the worlds actually have to be multiples of 1536m so that the largest LOD level can be even sized.

Combining together, we get that the possible valid world sizes are multiples of 1536 starting from 3702m, so possible world sizes for the game to function are 3702, 4608 (the current worlds are this size), 6144… and so on.

A seperate issue is then precision, which in testing starts to show up issues once the world hits a size beyond around 8000m I believe from memory (We already have many precision issues even with just 4608 worlds, particularly for rendering transforms, but these have largely been resolved now).

Release 167: Player Progression and Build Progression!

Thank you for so detailed explanation.


In other words, prepare to pay a lot if you want to rent a private server :wink:


Expect me, i have internet with 50 mb upload :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to respond to the questions on this thread once I get a moment. Been busy with the releases.


Bump time i quess ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @james,

Is there a little bit more information about the option ‘Self Hosted Servers’ now that Boundless had its official release ?
I would like to run my own servers (with my own worlds) to play with friends to make Youtube videos.

Can you please provide some information about when we can expect to have our Self Hosted Server.

Thx in advance !


I wouldn’t say it’s released quite yet, they are still technically in early access until the September release, and likely not focusing on this, therefore.