QoL: sort stack, take all

I don’t want to ride that train on every topic.

For now I’m just going to assume that devs won’t be ok with that.

7 days to die storage buttons


A couple more examples…

Screenshot (8519)

Screenshot (8517)


This would be so handy right now with all of the harvesting & moving that is happening :grin:


I’d love this. Terraria nailed it IMO

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Yeah anything to make inventory management / sorting faster. Thats the most tedious thing about this game so far.

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Sort all
Take all
Give all
Craft all

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i want to be able to filter slots in storage

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Been wanting sorting abilities ever since i saw it was possible with reclaim storage :heart_eyes_cat:

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To add on to this, make chests put together share inventory space, similar to how shelves work. Id like one big storage sometimes compared to alot of little ones.

Watching a streamer play Stardew Valley reminded me to rez this thread.

The “Add to existing stacks” button is super cool and helpful. I spend way too much time sorting stuff after hunts.

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Some times i feel like everyone that plays this game has never heard of minecraft, let alone played with with any of the inventory mods out there that address this issue.

but whatever ill jsut continue to abuse the reclaim system until this is added.

Does MC have an auto sort option other than with hoppers? I’ve never really messed with hoppers, but I thought that was a very convoluted solution. As for mods, I’ve only seen that handled with automation, pipes, and sorty thingies (it’s been a long time).

No, modded minecraft does.

the #1 thing im missing is the mod that adds ctrl+left click that moves all of that item, it acts exactly like shift+left click except it repeats the action on every stack of items that matches that one…

However since minecraft doesnt have smart stacks i would totally expect something like ctrl+left clicking on say luminous yellow gleam moving all the gleam out of the container that was only luminous yellow… while leaving all gleam of another color alone.

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I’ve been asking for more GUI keyboard shortcuts and general quality of life updates for the GUI and inventories for a couple years now… Who knows if/when we’ll get them, but I’m still hopeful.



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I agree with @majorvex I click so much in the game that my mouse is going to wear out quicker than normal :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: or sooner I do use corsair so when they decide to go they go

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Need to use the turbo craft mod