QoL: sort stack, take all

A great QoL update would include new stacking/sorting abilites.

  1. Deposit All
  2. Take All
  3. Deposit + color match/sort:
    (it would also help reduce clicking/hand issues for some players)

what would “color match/sort” entail exactly?

deposit/take all I take would be the equivalent of scanning the inventory top-left to bottom-right and for each slot doing the “quick move” operation automatically which is understandable enough.


If someone selects “deposit + color match”, it would deposit items by color. Similar to the way reclaim does it. (if possible)


Eg: will refuse to create (new) smart stacks of mixed item/colors, but existing smart stacks that are already mixed dont change? it then tries to sort as well afterwards? It cant manipualte (break out) existing smart stacks in the target inventory as may not be space to do so.


I think it shouldn’t create mixed color smart stacks, if someone selects deposit with color sort option. Any existing inventory would be ignored. It would create new stacks.


If it can be a bit more complicated, maybe the system could 1st check to see if there are any color matches to stack with/fill in, then spread out the rest like it would via reclaim (into new stacks).

I think the ability to sort existing storage inventory by color would be awesome, but it would probably be troublesome because it wouldn’t have enough room to spread out.


I think you had a good idea with the sort being part of the transfer between inventories, then it doesnt have to worry about not having enough space the way sorting an inventory directly would.

if you wanted to sort a messy inventory, the flow would be to sort-transfer it into another inventory, and if there is not space… you can sort-transfer into a second inventory and so forth at will.


@lucadeltodecso You would be my hero if this was added!

Great idea! @majorvex


When I go gem mining I keep every single rock and do this manually, its terribly time consuming. The smart stacks are much better than before I took a break but I think if @majorvex’s sort-transfer were implemented it would fix my final gripe with organizing my rocks.

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I love how magically simple this sounds. Want!!!


Suggested this to James once in another thread.

I think that’s a bit different because you’re asking to open an existing inventory and sort it by color? Which would be awesome :+1:

I’m asking mainly for the ability to take/deposit all items to/from an inventory or storage(with the option to deposit/fill/auto-sort by color in the process).

Wouldn’t it be the same?

We want something to sort our inventory I don’t really care if it’s before placing it or once placed inside an inventory.

As long as we can sort and group our items in any point of the process I think most of us would be happy, right now it’s quite difficult to do so.

Hell even a spread items over inventory like mincraft would help a lot :laughing:

lol ikr! Hopefully, they can add something in. After seeing what reclaim can do, I def think it’s possible. :+1:

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Okay, I lied, one more gripe.

This in conjuncture with the sort transfer would actually fix all of my time loses from sorting.

You could drop 100 sed. rocks into a chest, spread them, then color sort transfer and ONLY the sed. rocks would be able to fit into the chest. Repeat with ign. & meta. rocks in 2 other storage containers and presto! Clean inventory | sorted storage.

If the mentioned spread-stack feature also worked in spark generators… :heavy_heart_exclamation:

@lucadeltodecso If you aren’t familiar with the minecraft mechanic, you can right click + drag a stack of items to drop one in each inventory, or left click + drag to split the stack into equal parts across the inventory spaces - remainder stays selected in your hand. I’d just be happy to have a key press spread a SS across the available inventory spaces though :slight_smile:


So item type sort too? :shushing_face:

  • Deposit all
  • Take all
  • Deposit all by color
  • Deposit all by type (when you just want a certain type of timber/rock, and don’t care about what color it is, for crafting purposes - or because you can spray paint them later?)
  • Deposit all by color + type

Terraria handles this in a similar way too. It stacks, fills, re-stocks, etc…within the space provided. If there are no more slots, you move over to the next storage chest and go from there.

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7 days to die actually just added a feature like this as well.

Sorting button
Deposit all button
Deposit items with existing stacks, double click to create addition stack of similar item already deposited

This would be so helpful to have in boundless


Tbh at this point I’d prefer a sortable unlimited storage chest with sorting, a la reclaim. But any of these would be fine

I also think “send to reclaim” would be a super useful option on chests

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Problem with an unlimited storage chest is that you could render all other storages useless lol.

Unless there is a mechanic that limits it’s use.

Would it really be that bad?

The game has enough “chores”

I was having a brain fart, my idea only works assuming none of the other (meta or ign) rocks are the same color as the sediment ones you drop in and spread out.

Maybe clicking the color-sort-transfer thing once stacks items that are same type by color, double clicking it sends in all rock/wood of the same color.

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