Questions for a Potential Buyer

Hello Boundless Community!
How is your day? Good? Good.

Let us jump right into questions, shall we?

  • The Price: Boundless is $35 on Steam right now, while in Pre-Alpha. Are there plans of the price going up upon future releases?

  • Private Worlds: Can I create a private world for just my friends? Will I have to pay to keep it up? If not, then can I go to a server and be left alone?

  • Character Customization: Can I make my guy look cool? Change his face and body 'n that jazz?

  • Personal Opinions: What do you think are Pros and Cons of this game? I want to play a game where I can create things with my peeps, or play solo.

Thank you all for your answers and your time!
Hope to see you in-game!

I don’t know on the price, a dev would have to answer you on that one. But I do suggest if you buy the game, buy it from

Private worlds are a possibility, but not in the game, and probably not a focus for 1.0 release.

Character customisation is a little limited, you have around 10-15 or so, presets, and you can only switch between those. No varied customisation YET.

Personal opinions: I love this game a lot, and I like the community in most situations, I bought the game for the soundtrack, and have never stopped enjoying the game. Occasionally I do need to play something else to get away from the grind, but I still come back to it once I’m out of my “mope”


I picked this game up back in 2014 purely because of the perceived potential when it was $95. I’ve played regularly since. I’ve never regretted my purchase!

That said, currently this game is centered around community play, and all players exist in the same universe. There are not currently private worlds, though there are plans to allow private world rental at 1.0. That’s not a problem for now though, because the beacon system protects your builds and items from meddlesome griefers and the community is outstanding by comparison to any and all MMO’s currently on the market.

If you want a game where you and your friends can watch the growth and development of next year’s game of the year, buy now. If you want a finished game with private server space, wait till the official release.


As for character customization:


I don’t have any idea if the price is gonna lower or go up, that’s gonna be for the devs to say.

I bought it back in 2015 for $59 (Adventurer package), and feel like it was a good buy back then and it still is a good buy today.

About the private worlds:

Character customization:
They’re working on different races, color settings and more in depth information will be read in the thread posted by boundmore

Personal opinions: The game is fantastic, and it allows very well for group and solo play. Obviously limitations of solo play vs group play will come in mind, solo players being most of the time “slower” than a group of players.

Decided to let the dust off my game this February, and have not stopped since, 479 hours later, let’s say I’ve been enjoying it.

Pros and cons are for me a matter of the cons that come in a MMORPG, while the game can be pretty extensive from the multiplayer activity, the multiplayer part, will have to limit certain features you will find on single player games like minecraft.

But IMO Boundless far beats minecraft already, and any voxel counterpart. And the changes looming are all worth the interacting on the forums and playing the game.

i dont think that “solo playing” is about this game :confused:

I’ve almost only done solo play. So its totally doable.

We’ve not announced the launch price. But ultimately it’ll be about finding the right balance for the game. What is it worth in potential players eyes?

How much to people think we should charge for Boundless?

This is the official answer on servers + worlds.

Coming shortly: select a race, face, head piece, body shape, skin colour, eye colour, body decal and decal colours. I think it’s the right level of customisation for Boundless. There will be a range of wearables on top. Wearables can be forged to give additional in-game enhancements.

Hopefully everyone will look super cool and unique.

Game is designed for collaborative play, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t play alone. Collaborative play might be real time - going exploring together, or it could be asynchronous - creating a shop and selling items to players you never meet. The whole point is that the game world is filled by other players. But how you play is up to you!