Re-Rolling your planet

I am curious how many planers are going to re-roll their planet and the reasons behind it.

If you are renting a planet then:

  • I am not re-rolling any of my rented planets
  • I am re-rolling at least one of my rented planets

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If you are re-rolling then what are the main reasons (pick up to three)?

  • I do not like the terrain
  • I do not like the weather
  • I am looking for new colors
  • It is not located where I wanted
  • I want a different tier
  • Other (explain below)

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Re-roll means let the a current planet expire and request a new one to replace it.


Yeah, I made post about this (Be Able to Select Biomes you do NOT Want). I think it would be really great if they let us exclude some really bad biomes from our randomly selected ones. Pitfall Field Biome and the Regular Pools Biome are really just the worst.

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part of the issue is probably that the cave system can impact the biome and the cave system is random based on the tier of the biome. So I can pick flat and get a cave system that will generate crevices in my flat biome.

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Yeah, I think cave generation is another thing that needs to be added to the whole process as well. I have not really had that problem yet, but I know it can be one.

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i don’t like some of my terrains but nothing everything can be won.
who says the next one would be any better?
so i’m keeping it how it is and work with what i got :slight_smile:


I am not sure if impacted me or not. All I can do is eliminate biomes I believe caused a surface issue, re-roll, and hope for the best

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Absolutely no one and it could be worse. So it is a chance players will be taking


yeah 100%…

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But in my case. .I plan to build on it for a few years so it is worth the chance


I only have one planet, which I am building on, but when I run out of white rock (and if it’s not been unlocked yet), I will likely be rerolling a planet each month in an attempt to unlock it so I can continue playing/building.


Rented two worlds. One is a keeper, the other is getting rerolled with the hopes of better terrain generation. Also trying to get colors unlocked for my building planet.


think I’ve created almost 20 worlds and think I have finally found one (for one is all I need) with the right balance of biomes.
Being able to have some kind of priority scale for given biomes would be so handy plus having more information on how different biomes from different tiers affect overall outcome would blooming help (also exactly how much rng is involved).
I don’t regret paying ws the money (been playing boundless for over 2 years and have gotten my moneys worth many times over) and have contributed to introducing new colours for everyone, but has been a tad frustrating.

edit: I might also just be very bad at this plus overly fussy :stuck_out_tongue:


I just rerolled, about the best $10 I ever spent. :joy: My second rental was good, but the first, I messed it up by taking the trench biome. Ruined about 2/3’s of the planet for both gems and making it a deathtrap in spots. :frowning: I wanted a good emerald planet.

So tried again… not only double the emerald, but I got real cute with selecting the biomes for gleam… well, go check out my posts here, rather than post them again… :joy:


I have a few stupid questions or since I don’t know anything about re-rolling planets.

1)What is re-rolling exactly?
2)How do you re-roll a planet?
3) Do my beacons remain intact if I re-roll a planet?

The main reason that I would consider re-rolling a planet is to keep it somewhat fresh and new. My sovereign planet is a T4 hunting planet and changing the terrain might be beneficial every six months or so for variety. Would that mean region boundaries change? I will be building hunting platforms so regional boundaries are an important factor in my decision.


Shameless plug alert :rotating_light::

Planet name : Artemis. ( previously Deli under ownership of @FireAngelDth)

Capital: Chaos ( Previously on Raxxa)

Planned length of ownership: Indefinitely?

Accessible from TNT mega hub on Circ

By reroll we mean letting your world expire and trying again with a new one


from all the 600+ sovereigns 500 are re-rolls :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’d say the re roll amount is a lot smaller than that. People getting planets for just new colors is definitely higher


Do you lose your beacons and regions ?
I’m actually pretty happy with both of my planets. I just like to keep my options open.

Yeah, the planet would go away so anything on it would be reclaimed

Color cycling was one of the options above for reroll reason

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