Release 147 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in Release 147 in this thread.

The experience bar now overlaps with the chat window.

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Issue w/ Beacon block:

I’ll try to be specific,

Currently cannot access my beacon, specifically no HUD shows up when i press the interaction button, unsure why, attempted to access another players beacon and it gave the normal message that i obviously cannot do that, which means the beacon are “receiving my interaction” if that makes sense.

I have used multiple crafting tables and other crafting stations, and those do indeed work.

I have not attempted to destroy the beacon in order to reset my plots, which might very well be a quick fix, but i just wanted to make sure that before destroying it, that no dev needed to physically check it out, idk how important that is, or if the physical block itself can give any useful info.
Location of Beacon Block: US West Berlyn ( 1728, 87, -1282 )

This is not a serious problem for me, just reporting a bug that occurred after the update.

Thank you!

Also cannot remove the plots, double tested this by leveling up, adding a plot, and then attempting to remove the plot, still unsuccessful. Doing this also did not change the beacon.

Looks okay when I checked it. You can remove the beacon and place it down again if you want to check that it’s working correctly afterwards.

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New issue.

When in first person view and press ‘E’ to open inventory. When you close inventory it automatically reverts you to third person view.

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We also experienced the same issue last night. Once you break a beacon and replace it you can interact with it again. I think @SilentSpecter said he had experienced this before this patch?

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Not sure if this is purely to do with the latest update, but my container shows green gleam…

when all the smart stack contains is gold coloured gleam

Some fine tuning needed on the visual position of the lock within containers, as it appears to intersect with the container…


So destroying the beacon and then placing it again allowed me to place all my plots again and access the beacon again, but when accessing the permissions tab I noticed had had no one on my friends list, Which, I should have two people. So maybe the bug was that my friends list somehow got cleared and it glitched out the beacon, idk. Not sure if anyone else had their friends list cleared?
(i’ll just re-add them as friend then add them to my permissions)

Adding and removing plots seems glitchy right now for me, specifically I cannot remove plots, even if they are on the edge of my group of plots, which it fine for now, since I can destroy the beacon and replace all of them. Unsure if others are having this same issue.


What is your screen resolution. Thanks

I just checked the friends list with someone else and I can’t reproduce the issue. Would you be able to try it again sometime to see if the issue occurs one more?

As for the issue with plots, were they placed down before the update?

They were placed before the update, yes.

I did not manually delete my friends list, it just seemingly occurred, so i’ll see if manually deleting my friends list while they are added to the beacons permission list, glitches out the beacon again?

Edit: I cannot recreate that glitch,

1920 x 1080

Here is a video displaying the issue. =)

Are you making sure you’re holding down the left mouse button for a few seconds when trying to remove a plot?

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NOPE! That was the problem. Thanks. LOL.
I’m like 4 or 5 days old with this game. Sorry!

Trading smart stacks with other players that already have a smart stack causes the traded smart stack to be massively reduced. In my instance, over 150 trunks vanished after trade!

This can be reproduced by:
gather a smart stack of an item (wood in my instance) on two players
trade a smart stack between the two players
the traded stack will be massively reduced after trade.

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Okay so this happened again for sure to another player, his friends list was randomly cleared, we don’t know what triggers this glitch, and then he could not access his beacon.

It was fixed by breaking the beacon and placing it again, and he was able to re-add the friends afterward.

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