Release 153 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in Release 153 in this thread.

So, thoughts about the latest update.

Grapple line is now operated using R and F, had to go find Yota ingame just to find that out :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not a fan to be honest, felt much more natural before.

Also, same world warping is great but as I said to yota and I’ve said on the forums many times, the economy is broken and we still don’t have coin-free permanent portals :slight_smile:

You can’t expect us all to be grateful and willing to try yet another coin sink without any more coin sources :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s alpha, I know, which is why i will patiently wait for the economy to be semi-operational before warping anywhere. I will however voice my point once again on the forums, as yota instructed me to do :wink:

Ah, they didn’t update the grapple control in game, I was looking at controls when it wasnt working and just figured that it was broken. Also yeah strongly agree, Coins are more rare than freaking Titanium.

Haha I have to admit I might have harassed yota a little bit, he logged off until I left his house :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey there again :grin: I finished doing cursory check on the latest update and I had to do other work. :wink: See you again soon.

Ugh this new grapple is awful, it’s like you have to press space and R to go up at the same time whilst holding shift for a speed boost. What’s going on?

Also changing keymap for minimap zoom crashes the game

The issue is more about you having to jump in order to reel in. This should not be the case and it is a bug.

Haha I think we’ve found the culprit of suggesting new keybindings.

Jokes aside the grapple still needs a bit of work. I’d recommend only using it in the right-hand for now because left doesn’t seem to reel in. Controls for the grapple was discussed at length because we’re trying to merge a hanging rope and grapple gun in the same tool, and allow you to use it in both hands independently, whereas before if you reeled in or out it happened for both at the same time.

A new tool you mean? I actually found the old controls very quick and usable, had no issue, i do now though :wink:

Bugs found so far:

Wildstock still spawn inside of my beacon.

It still cost 500 coin to warp.

Now there’s a HUGE wait in between when the projectile for the grapple hits and when I can reel myself in. Not only that, but there’s no animation for about 1.5 seconds where the “beam” should be with the grapple, then it magically appears.

On the bright side, the game’s never looked better. I’m not sure how, but I just upped my graphics to the highest (I was under the impression they’d always been on the highest settings) and it does look great.

Weird can you make sure you have the latest client. The warp screen for me is looking like this.

Also, we are looking into the issue with the grapple. We will once again look into creatures spawning in beacons. Thanks for letting us know.


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@Wichall Sorry about the keymap for minimap zoom. We have been meaning to get rid of it.

Please don’t! I use it as a dummy keybinding to get rid of that horrible weapon change scroll wheel thing.

If you have a Mac mouse that keybinding is the most annoying thing every time you click!

Can you confirm that they spawned in the beacon rather than walked into it? For example, are inside a closed room?

Here’s a video that proves I have the latest version because I’m using the beamed grapple.

Skip to 19:30 and you’ll see a wildstock on the top floor of my locked castle.

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I guess I may have misunderstood. What I thought was changed was that it now was only supposed to cost 300 coin to warp anywhere. Yet, you’re showing me a warp location map that has several warps that cost 500 coin. By the locations, I can imply that it costs 300 coin to warp intraplanetary, while it still costs 500 coin to warp interplanetary. Is this correct?

After reading the other comment again, I get that. I thought wrong and supposed that it was 300 for all warps. Sorry! And thank you.


I have seen cases where mobs spawn above beacons and fall in, how high does your beacon go above your castle? If it is right at the highest point of your castle I think it spawn on top of that peice and fell in.