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well I’ve noticed it a few days ago and its connected with the new drop system for creatures, but since this is the newest update I’ll post it here.

Sometimes drops fall out of a creature right after it dies:


I’ve only seen this happen with cuttletrunks


Sometimes i get stuck in a flat wall like one of the blocks would stick out a little and im standing on it, actually happens pretty often,

most of the time this didn’t bother me but when i jump down my extrem deep mining whole know i just grapple at the wall at the last moment or landing on my placed leaves, but instead i get suck in the wall landing on a 1 pixel of the block and die due to fall damage than it gets annoying

Just as we’ve opened a portal in Pixel Gate, it keeps showing Welcome to Therka, when I get in the surrounding area of our portal to Therka.

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I’ve had it happen a few times with level 5 spitters when using a gem slingbow at almost full power. This seems to happen when the creature health is very low and you kill it with enough excess power to trigger the 1200 hit requirement for the drop release.

can’t open smart stack of shards with right-click action when in the portal interaction menu

Did it just happen for this occasion, or did it happen for other portals too?

We haven’t seen this so far. What kind of gem slingbow were you using? (Diamond, Topaz etc)

It’s happened for Munteen too, the recent portal we opened, as long as you’re close to a portal connected to another planet, the message will display as “Welcome to said planet”, it doesn’t bother me. But wanted to give you a heads up.

We haven’t been able to reproduce this issue, was it just happening for certain portals?

There are a few instances where it’s possible to get stuck on blocks. Do you have a few screenshots of where you’re encountering situations like these?

Using amethyst, but I’ve had it happen with an iron slingbow too.

I’ll try and get a video of it to show you. Always plenty of wildlife at my place!

Thanks for the extra information, it does seem odd that the message appears before you go through the portal.


How many portal conduits do we need to make 1 hop? Solum-> Vulpto?
Portal just doesn’t work. It lights up and then turns off.

Planet portal - we used6 conduits
2 hop portal - we used 9 conduits
3 hop portal - we used 15 conduits

but 1 hop portal?

Yeah, I also got the “Welcome to Solum” message around 20 blocks away from the portal to Solum.

If you’re by any chance trying to open a fourth portal near 3 others then it as it stands won’t open as there’s a limit of 3 active portals client-side and the current logic won’t allow that fourth to become active, therefore the communication between worlds facilitated by the clients required by portals cannot occur and the portal will fail to activate (noting that the opening cost won’t be charged either)

This will be resolved in a patch update which will change how the client deals with there being too many portals near-by.

(Basicly, activating a portal starts a handshaking between the worlds to determine the validity of the activation and set up states on the two worlds, there is no direct server-server communication, any server-server communication is dealt with by transporting secured data via clients, but relies on the client being able to make a connection to the other server, which in this case the client is refusing to do so as it already has too many active world connections. One of the changes for the next update is to have the client give priority to new portals so that unless the other world was actually full, this problem would no longer happen)

So at the moment there can only be 3 portals per planet?

3 in a close area