Release 157: PORTALS!

This update is accessible via the “Live” release of Boundless on Steam.

Please report all issues discovered with the update to this support thread.

Please restart Steam to make sure you get the latest version of Boundless. If the update happens whilst Steam is open it’s unlikely you’ll get the latest version.

Release: 157

  • Art + Animation + Assets:
    • Updated 3rd person tool animations for the shovel, chisel and axe.
  • Crafting + Resources + Equipment:
    • Added portals:
      • Craft portal conduit blocks and place them into a rectangle shape to interact. Noting portal blocks may only be placed inside a beacon.
      • Craft a portal token from a completed portal and insert it into another portal of the same shape.
      • Insert sufficient Oort shards to power the portal and press to open.
      • If the portal token is invalid or the destination is already open, the portal connection will fail and you will not be charged.
      • Once opened the portal behaves much like a warp, with both sides of the portal connection going into a loading state, and then into a smashing state that will go into a dormant state if not smashed open.
      • Once a portal is fully open, it will be powered by the original source activation side, and display how much time is remaining and allows more oort shards to be added to continue fueling the portal after opening.
      • The portal can be re-activated once dormant, and can be smashed open, and can be closed from both sides, but only the source side of the portal will be used for fueling of an active portal pair.
      • The larger the portal, the further it can travel, with costs determined purely by the size of the portal.
    • Fixed an issue where flowers could not be mined correctly.
    • Recipes and Drops
      • Craft Portal Conduit in the Workbench
      • Rough Oort Stone are dropped from Roadrunners, and high level Spitters and Cuttletrunks.
      • Oort Shards can be extracted from Rough Oort Stone.
    • Refined warp behaviours so that warps will always open up at a “safe” location (not in mid-air, not in lava, not deep underwater, not inside someone else’s beacon) even without bumping the warp manually. And adjusted permissions so that it is the user that activates, bumps, or re-activates (in the case of a dormant warp) the warp, whose beacon permissions are considered. - Changed the order that machines blocks reveal as, so they look better as a stack.
    • Flowers now have proper 3D meshes.
  • Creatures + Combat:
    • Changed scale on Roadrunners so there is less variation.
    • Changed debug info relating to bandwidth to display bit rates to allow easier comparison to ISP quoted speed rates, speed testers etc (kibibit and mebibit display to be explicit). Also added display of the current chunk rate limit.
    • Cuttletrunk now uses steering system to navigate around inside caves.
    • Fix for Cuttletrunk diving into the floor when near cliffs.
  • GUI + HUD:
    • Added systems to gather information about friends, whether they’re online, what world they were last recorded on, and if they’re online, where are they approximately displayed in the GUI.
    • Allow warps to be opened to an online friend with costs determined as usual by world distances.
    • Fixed an issue where the region select screen was not shown to new players.
    • Fixed pickup effect not disappearing for players with uppercase characters in their username.
    • Reduce the amount of network data the compass system was sending.
    • Users now have a ‘home location’ which will be initially set when you enter the server for the first time, and will then be updated when you first place a beacon control. From that point on you can update the home location whenever stood in a beacon you have permissions for from the locations tab of the player GUI. Home locations are just as expensive to create a warp to, but will allow you to open the warp even if you don’t have enough coin by allowing you to go negative so that you should never be completely stuck.
  • SFX + Music:
    • Fix some missing creature audio.
  • Engine:
    • Fixed server/client crash when pickups spawn in water.

Resolved Known Issues:

The following items were known issues in previous releases and have now been resolved.

  • ‘Workbench Construction’ achievement not triggered after completion.

Known Issues:

The following items are known issues in this release.

  • Assigning both mouse buttons to ‘Use Left Hand Option’ will disable the left mouse button.
  • Buying plinths that had wanted items set before v151 have unset them. Sorry. Going forward they will be fine.
  • [new] Cannot click left arrow on various game options.
  • [new] Cannot close Inventory when Chat is used.
  • [new] Cannot sell some items even if the tint matches on a Buying Plinth.
  • Chat text overlaps with HUD Text in the centre of the screen.
  • Entity rendering will not always work correctly when there are multiple warps very close together, or where a warp opens up to a location very near where the entrance is.
  • Gem grappling hooks retract automatically when hanging.
  • [new] Item placed into buying plinth will disappear when placing the same item into storage.
  • [new] Item wanted is completely different to what was placed there before on the buying plinth.
  • Opening or closing doors and trapdoors when standing too close to them will restrict player movement. To get out of the situation, interact with the door or trapdoor again.
  • [new] Portal UI text overflows when the portal token name is very long.
  • Shift-clicking an item from the selling plinth will show odd numbers and will not always go in the shopping basket.
  • Shift-clicking and dragging on the coin icons from within the trading menus may cause a crash.
  • [new] Smart stack icon does not have the same tint as the items within the smart stack itself.
  • Some Extractor machines lack animation.
  • Some interactive blocks (crafting table, machine, beacon control) have become corrupted during the migration. This will result in at best those blocks not being able to be interacted with, at worst the game crashing when interacting with those blocks. To fix the issue the block(s) in question need to be re-placed. In the case of anything other than a beacon control the block can simply be broken, picked up, and then re-placed. In the case of a beacon control this will work, although it would result in all the plots having to be re-placed one at a time and during that process the contents being unprotected. A better workaround for a beacon control is to craft a new beacon control, place that, and then break the old one, which will keep the beacon’s plots placed throughout the process.
  • Some menu options are cut off at the top and bottom.
  • [new] Speech bubbles may still be displayed above players after going through portals.
  • The recipes are not final.
  • Z-fighting with some items (workbench and other machines) when placed underwater.

I had a feeling this would be update day! Excellent! Can’t wait to give portals a go tonight!!


This i did not see coming… welp off to hunt Roadrunners! XD


I had a Roadrunner drop 3 Rough Oort Stones :grin:


Just curious, is there any particular reason for that?

This is quite cool tho.

Like…a friend radar for the compass? That would be awesome :heart_eyes:

(Regarding fueling) implementation restriction. It’s not impossible to make it work but would be difficult and portals are already massively more complicated in implementation details than warps!

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Does anyone know how many stones It will take per jump?

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Am I getting it right thinking that when a portal runs out of fuel it goes dormant and when re-fueled becomes active and can be smashed to activate and upon such re-activating it remains a link to the same location as before? (meaning that once set up its always connected with the same location?)

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no price, but you need 50 Oort Shards to open a portal for 1 hour and for the maintenance of the portal you need 1 Oort Shard per hour. Oort Shard can Extract from the Oort Rough Stone 1-10, 4-50, 18-250. And you can get it from mobs, like dark blood.

It seems need 50 shards on each side = 100 Shards to open portal

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Good info that I am happy to receive but I was wondering if I want to make a port from therka to elopor that is 5 hops. How big dose my portal have to be?

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its been said only the first portal is the fueled one so maybe opening plus first hour is the same rule?

only one side has to have a token inserted / be fueled, the “destination” side can be totally empty, with no token and no shards.

As it stands no, if it runs out of fuel, it becomes fully de-activated, and you have to pay the initial opening cost again.

does it mean I can set it to different location or is it bound to the initial one and Im just reactivating same destination?

What is the stone to shard ratio in the extractor?

1 stone = 10 shards
4 stones = 50 shards
18 stones = 250 shards


Thanks. A day of hunting should supply a portal for a while then, but I’ll likely trade metal for them.

Do you have any control over how the remote portal is placed (if its a position-badge you put in to it to link the spots), or do you need to build booth portals first, before they can be linked?

And do they need same beakon-owner in both spot?
Can i build a portal and link it to another players portal?

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You have to create both portals first, to create the marker, and then pass it to the launch portal.

Marker = Reach portal
Put marker in Launch portal.

Can be different beacon owners, but you need to be able to interact inside the beacon. Pixel gate portal it was Karokendo’s beacon, Therka it was Pharaonah, and Dragons watch it was mine.

But to link, you need to be able to interact, so you can fuel it and put the marker in.