Release 169 - Report issues here

I do have everything set to max. Been keeping an eye on it, it’s mostly at 1 - 1.5GB.

Just played about 30 minutes with task manager open grappling around the mountain n Nasharil - 1-1.1GB memory usage throughout. Then I decided to go back and did a few dozen (extra) portal hops: never went above 1.7GB. I can’t reproduce the high memory usage or the connection issues :frowning:

The only times the slow connection screen has popped up since has been for actual connection issues (which worked and felt right) and the occasional instant teleport to base when I’m around my beacon and working with machines.

Minor, but – I got the third tier Feat for plant-gathering without having done either of the first two tiers. And I got it while digging a tunnel. Without plants. (I think it just triggered when the third-tier gravel-and-soil-gathering one did, but it still made me laugh :stuck_out_tongue:)

Even more minor, but – this brick layout isn’t physically possible… but I think it would be if you flipped a couple of the faces across different axes. In the screenshot if you flipped the top face right to left, the brick edges would line up.

(I only noticed because I’ve been admiring the textures in general!)


Textures with a pattern that is more than one block in size(like bricks, rock, glacier and most natural materials) do not wrap perfectly on all sides of all blocks at all possible orientations. Just how it works.

I cant craft anything. Only 2 recipes show up; the campfire and the warp conduit, and even then no matter where i am it just says that I cant craft in sanctum.

Let us know if you start getting the connection issues again.

On what world and location did this occur at?

It’s been reported earlier in this topic. There’s currently a bug where the game is showing the wrong message when your inventory is full. Make some space and you should be craft again.

I was just excavating all the clay from Munteen when I got the ‘Expert’ soil digging feat completed, and noticed it wasn’t actually on my list of feats.

Then I noticed this;

30 feats. 3 rows. I’m no mathematician, but I should be able to work this one out! There should be 10 columns of feats, instead there are only 8? Where are the other 6 feats?



i dont know if there is a thred for this already… but im having an issue in smart stack. it wont let me combine some certen blocks for some reason.

I’ve noticed this since the first time I played the game some months ago; This seems to happen when they are from different planets; even though the tint looks the same, checking the debug info hud, they actually have different values.

I have a similar mess of stones in storage.


All your feats are belong to us.


I hope this doesn’t mean you were griefing my build again?

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I think it happens when connected portals are in settlements on different planets. I have vulpto settlement shown in elopor and vice versa.


I have to be honest, I did dig a massive hole, but it was all underground, as usual. I don’t dig the surface area if I can help it.

There was a pretty huge mess near the lava though. That wasn’t me!

Besides, it was all for a good cause. I was building a house in your settlement this time :grinning:


I finally landed between the stars :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m having a bug that throws me to either 500 height either -nan. This happens randomly on one of my accounts. Seems like just before it I drop a bit into the block on which I’m standing so I guess it’s the code that gets you out if you teleport into solid blocks. Here’s the video, in second part of video I bring up debug screen

Another instance of the same bug. This time while hanging from grapple. I even manage to lower down and get bug triggered and than pull up (using F & R for grapple) and things get sorted out.


Oh man, how cool would it be to be able to build at that height…


I’ve found out about this, Legit just get rid of Fog and lower Render distance it’s wierd ik but it’s been working for me

Ha, fair enough. Better you than me, anyway…I was trying to figure it out and started having flashbacks to those grade-school tests with “if you fold this cube, which face will be to the left of side B?” shudders

Edit: @vdragon It was on Epsilo, at approx 780N, -1520E, 120alt




My best guess :sweat_smile:

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It’s a bug. It also looks like other feats have the same issue, so we will log it into our database.

It’s currently listed as a known issue.

Is that similar to the issue experienced by @Lawrey?


Thanks for the screenshot, we’ll add this information to our database.