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We can’t argue with logic like that!


it was from the landing on my base in Vulpto to the path just under it. maybe made it 6-8 blocks from where i jumped from.[quote=“vdragon, post:118, topic:8446”]
Although your screenshots do show the coordinates of where you currently were, could you remember the approximate position of where you jumped and landed so that we can try to reproduce the issue?

I put the hammers and refined stones on (as well as several other crafts), built a new extension to my place for 30+ minutes and went back to get the stones. Not sure about the exact order of interacting with all the machines before I went building.

…i do not know if this is an issue or not… its in jeffs palace in Elop portas … as soon as you get threw the portal from berlin

It appears to be an ‘Igneous Rock Alphabet Brick’ if you read the side;

They’re no longer craftable, and it appears the textures have since been removed. This is what @jesshyland had to say about those particular blocks;




Is the “unstable connection” notice going to be a permanent part of the game? I can deal with the lag but this constant intrusive notice and returning me to sanctum is game breaking for me.


Same here. I’m a regular player on one of the most laggy servers on Minecraft and I can deal with the regular ‘mine a 10 block long tunnel and then be teleported back 10 blocks and have to mine that same tunnel again’ scenario just fine. Or blocks reappearing and having to mine them 3-5 times before they are actually mined, glitching stuck into place for 5 to 20 seconds, having a chest open 10 secods late, switching inventory items a few seconds late, etc etc. I don’t mind it at all. It’s normal in a open world voxel game.

But this I do mind. I literally cant play. I at least want to hear something will be done about this.

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Which server, what planet, folks? When, as a software developer, I get defect reports that say “the X transaction doesn’t work,” I send back requests for the definition of “doesn’t work,” and requests for inputs and expected outputs. I usually ask against which of our test VMs the transactions was run, so I know what to look for. Details are a critical aspect of any software defect report!

I haven’t seen serious lag in many, many weeks, but I’m going to try tonight about 500 miles from my usual location to see what it’s like.

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Some light issues with igneous brick slabs. I dont know if this is true for all bricks or just for the slabs, or just for the igneous ones.

Just broke a shovel and got 4 broken shovel feats at once (I, II, III, IV)

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Locks sit a little low on selling plinths …

Trunk slabs sit a little high on selling plinths…

Managed to get stuck between sanctum and world when walking really slowly through the portal. I couldn’t get back to Sanctum as I was technically still there, and had to quit the game to be able to do anything …

I couldn’t re-pick up an item I discarded-in-favour-of-another-item (due to full inventory)… even though I had then cleared space for it in my inventory …

When trading, right clicking on a stack breaks the UI:

Once this happens it is also impossible to complete the trade or “Edit Coin Offer”

EDIT: That was a stack of 8x Iron Grapples and 1x Copper Grapple

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Well, I’m mostly on Therka (EU) and with just 9 players online there shouldn’t be any lag. I know that there are multiple world running on a single server though, so it is still possible that it is an other world causing the issues.

Therka and actually any other planet for that matter. All I can really do is explore, since I get interrupted by the ‘Unstable Connection’ message every few seconds. And even then it’s no real use. I can barely walk 10 blocks with this happening.

It also gets worse when jumping.

Can you share a screenshot including the debugging information when it next happens?

What world and location is this at?

Yes, it seems that the items placed on the Shop Stand are positioned differently compared to if you just placed them on top like a normal block. A bug has been logged.

Were you stuck in the ground perhaps? Go into the third person if this happens again. If it turns that you were stuck in the ground, then we should hopefully have a fix for them in the next update.

So you originally had the Fibrous / Inky in your Inventory, but after making space, you then find yourself unable to pick it up again? We’ve reproduced it like this, so a bug has been logged, unless your method differed slightly.

We’ve included this into the bug database.


EU ring world (Munteen VII) 1860N -604E Alt:242
Camera Pos -604, 244, -1860

Completing broken shovel I feat compleates II, III and IV too, they have the same amount (30) and I cant find the IV one in the feats screen, but it showed on screen I completed it.

I think I was stuck in the ground, but only as a result of walking through the portal slowly. I’ve seen the same thing happen on a twitch live stream also.

Yep. Exactly how it how it happened for me. Glad you were able to reproduce it.