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today in omnishop when i buy stacks game crashes and people around to

I have removed all the stacks of tools from my shop for the moment due to the bug. This seems to have the place stable again.

Type: a sometimes random occurance, though definitely repeatable

So if you stack two warp blocks, when you jump on top of them, especially when a mob is aggro, you sometimes fall on top of the lower block and into the top block becoming stuck and mob proof.
Sanctum does fix it, as does logging out.
Didn’t happen with other blocks I tested.


We are testing a fix for the smart stack crash.

A server patch was applied:

  • Fix smart stacks in plinths crashing.
  • Fix user without a character being unable to play the game.
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Restart steam we’re updating the servers


Last night I noticed a weird thing where I seemed to not be able to attack blocks to the bottom of IG stone stairs. The green outline kept popping to the top of the stairs. Has anyone seen this before? It might have been me and I can retest but I tried multiple ways and never could attach to the stones there in the air. So I had to build in from the side with blocks and then attach from a block on the side to get it to place under.

Would a weird bug like this be created by the update or was it likely me playing too much boundless? :slight_smile:

I leveled up past 50 and only got plots. No cleanse point.

I have it on good authority that we should get a cleanse point for getting 500k xp after level 50. Can somebody just confirm that not getting it is a bug?

I quote @willcrutchley’s post:

EDIT: @luke-turbulenz posted that we will get cleanse points in the Suggestions thread “Skill Points”

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It was not ever mentioned that leveling over 50 will get you cleanse points. Just suggested as an idea. Hopefully it gets implemented

No, I’ll find it

It says here

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My light just disappeared after walking through a portal too. It might have something to do with having a torch equipped at the time as well.

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Thanks for the information, a bug has been logged. The GUI rendering seems highly unusual as well.

Is this working okay now since the server patch was applied?

Thanks, we’ve added this to the existing bug report.

Thanks for providing as much information as you could, a bug has been logged.

This is classed as feedback as opposed to an issue, so it’s something for @olliepurkiss and @luke-turbulenz to look at.

If this is about the text displaying GUI_LOCATION_REACHED on the left, then we should have a fix for this in the next update.

We haven’t seen this so far. If you can provide a video of this, that would be great.

Is this similar to what @the-moebius was experiencing as shown near the beginning of this topic?

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This would happen with any item. We’ll add your report to the database.

Maybe close to what Moebius was seeing. I noticed that there were no green lines and my mouse placement of blocks seemed to be off. I thought it was a big lag I had seen before or something else. Unfortunately I didn’t put much effort into trying to determine if it was a bug or my placement of where I was standing in relation to everything else. I’ll try to recreate…

@vdragon I haven’t tested it yet, it was actually only when I bought stacks of items. I will check a bit later

im having this always but it stops when i put on perpixel and smoothlighting
but that lags me to much

also theres a log on post im shooked didn put it here my fault

i posted game log but not here sorry bout that

@AmandaPan and I both had a light out bug.