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We can’t reproduce this one. How did you die?

I see that you have already provided a game log and crash dump in another topic, so we can look at the information provided.

Thanks for the report, we’ll log a bug.

Regarding the screenshot here, which of your characters was at the ‘Craft a Beacon Plotter with the Crafting Table’ requirement and which one had completed ‘A New Dawn’ objective? Somehow it looks like you’ve managed to access the Journal earlier than expected. When you said you couldn’t continue, did you mean you couldn’t leave the Sanctum, or was it something completely different?

Only one portal will be rendered at any one time. You may have to get closer to a portal before it renders the world through it.

Thank for the clarification, we’ll log a bug.

Do you have a screenshot of this?

Thanks for providing an update to this from the Testing 171 topic, this has been added to the database.

This is more feedback than a bug, but we’ll make a note of this as it does look like the creature noises are occurring a little too often.

Thanks for the screenshots, a bug has been logged. Presumably this is only occurring after you have clicked on the queued item to show the option for cancelling that item that’s currently being crafted?

Thanks for reporting, a bug has been logged.

Yes, this is exactly how it happens.

Have a issue that I sometimes lose experience when looting crafted items.
While it is showing both the plus and minus symbol it is differently taking away at my experience, since that was not the first time it happened, the first time I lost roughly 12k xp.

Are you crafting items from someone’s machines before claiming the finished products?

it’s on my plot with my machines

I died by lava and severe drop basically i dropped so quickly into lava that i hit the ground first XD

Sequence of events:

  1. I started a new character (Omnicombat)
  2. Omnicombat did the tutorial up to “Craft a Beacon Plotter with the Crafting Table” on Therka and travelled to OmniUno’s shop beacon on Munteen
  3. Omnicombat returned to sanctum
  4. I switched to my character OmniUno
  5. OmniUno did some shop stuff
  6. OmniUno returned to sanctum and I switched to Omnicombat
  7. Omnicombat was now at the “A New Dawn” step in the tutorial with the feats pages, etc. available.

At this point Omnicombat could not proceed with the tutorial. It could still interact with the world and go through portals, etc., but had no objectives available. I deleted it a while later since leveling without the objectives takes much longer than just recreating.

I can do you one better. Looks like it is easy to make this reproducible on Live.

  1. Log out on any planet but your home world and close the Boundless client.
  2. Start up Boundless. As you can see I’m on Therka:
  3. Interacting with the second warp and clicking on home shows this:
  4. If you click on “Cannot Open Warp to Here” it does nothing but clicking on Home again will give you the option to warp.
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I do know of that when it only renders one portal at a time, but the strange part was, even when i went through the portal, everything was pitch black like in the first image, i was in Nasharil the three portals are visible, but the entire map was black… I don’t know what could have caused this but it only stayed until i refocused after i swapped between my browser and back to Boundless.

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I’ve seen this happen consistently when trying to port from Sanctum to any location more than zero hops away. Always fixed by closing/reopening the foldout location tab.

Sorry @vdragon, shoulda said something but it got to be such a habit to just double-open hoppy destinations that I forgot it was a bug :laughing: I’m on a work trip with iffy internet at the moment, but can provide screenshots etc later if helpful.

What item were you crafting and on which machine?

Thanks for the update, we’ve managed to reproduce it and a bug has been logged.

By ‘shop stuff’ do you mean setting up items for buying / selling?

Thanks for the reports, we’ve added them to the bug database.

Was it day or night during the point when you had the issue? Did you see the world building before your very eyes when you returned to the game?

I haven’t a clue what time of day it was as i never looked plus i was in a building just trying to report the problem, if this was due to the world not loading then that may have caused it but I’ve never had this happen before nor did worlds stop loading chunks before and it did throw me off that my diamond torch still didn’t light the room, nor was it emitting any sort of light at all.

It may have been something i didn’t notice, or it was just a glitch for a moment with rendering graphics.

EDIT: I do also believe the world rebuilt itself once i refocused on the game, after that it fixed the issue.

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Since I already buy/sell most things this means adjusting prices on baskets, restocking shop stands, removing purchased items from request baskets, putting up crafts for things that are low on stock, etc.

I honestly can’t recall exactly which things I did in that time.

Every time I try to buy something from a shop I get unstable connection and then Error 7

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Die slowly (like from more than one hit in lava) so that the damage reticule is visible when you die.
  2. The reticule will now be visible in Sanctum. It does disappear once you reach Sanctum.

I confirmed that this does not happen if I die instantly (like when falling to death).

@vdragon The first time it happened it I was collecting compact silver and the second time I think it was stone. But it haven’t happened since so I don’t know.

With the “Daily Experience Bonus” feats fixed is now obvious how impossible they are at high levels.

@ level 50 I need to get 125 000 XP for the daily experience bonus. I get 12 500 from logging in. The remaining 112 500 XP I need to get from mining/killing mobs. Lets say I have an infinite amount of the gems/gold ore in front of me and can just hit away with my gem tools. I’ll get 40 XP for every 4 hits which takes me something like 1.86 seconds according to @olliepurkiss’s previous math - lets make it 1 second for this excercise.

So to get 112 500 XP @ 40 XP per second I need 2812.50 seconds or 47.875 minutes of non-stop farming to get my daily XP bonus. This is already unreasonably high. In reality I get much much less since I don’t have infinite max xp resources to farm.

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Just FYI been seeing disconnects tonight (on Munteen now):

And as a bonus bug find: The text is overlapping.

EDIT. This is not a server crash - we get disconnected all at once (me and several other players in my store). And it happens everytime YABO tries to buy something from one of my plinths (crashed with 9 iron bows a few times, crashed with 9 stone hammers, did not crash when buying 1 stone hammer alone)

When reaching a location market:

I had a similar issue today, walked through my portal to Vulpto, started digging, and about ten seconds later everything went black. No light from my character at all. Opened my inventory and all item icons were black too. All of the colour returned after a minute or so but I can’t remember if I did anything to make it happen.
I took a screenshot, will try and remember to upload it once I’m back on my computer.

Edit: screenshot

Taken from about two blocks deep in what should be red sand