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You’ve identified some good issues with the presentation here. We will do another pass on this screen and try to address the points you’ve raised.

Thanks for the feedback.


I get this sometimes too. There will be a certain spot where I can place nothing, but it is always after I have just broken a block from that spot, and it always goes away after some time had passed.


I’ve had the same issue too - I’ve broken the blocks around the problem ones and I am then able to place a block there. I’ll upload a video tonight of this happening.


In my case there was no block broken.

In the same topic, i have seen that i can not place block in a spot where i have killed a mob, even a long time after the mobs body is gone.

Have to return later to place the block where mobs dead body was.


Yes I still am not getting credit for the feat, I did switch from my main character before fueling the beacon to accomplish the feat. I also fueled the beacon with timber versus leaves. I am not aware of anything else I did that might have caused this.


This shows the beacon fuel


This shows I am only credited with four days of beacon fuel. instead of weeks.


The Builder Feats “A New Frontier” and “To Be, Or Not To Be” have failed to trigger for me, though Bealle’s settlement, Pangur Ban, achieved Hamlet status in just the last few days.

Also just noticed that Hot Pot Crafting is failing to register anything, though I can assure you thousands of ore, food and glue have been processed through them.

Star trail blazer went off when I hopped over to Elopor… is it supposed to give a point every time you move between one world and the next, regardless of weather you’ve been there or not? Because I think that’s what it’s doing. I feel like it was intended to give a point each time you discover a world you’ve never been too. Maybe I’m wrong?

Also noticed the Phytologist feat is gliched. The first two register as zero plants gathered, the last as 1000. I may have gathered a few hundred.

And finally… I’ve sold a handful of items from shop stands, but this registers as none.

Sorry… This is the first time I’ve taken a good hard look at feats.


I think @ctrl-64 only died from mobs, but the other player, @houdhakker2, died in lava twice during the hunt and he had the same issue a few times, but I can’t remember for sure if one of them happened after he landed in lava or if they were all after being killed by creatures.


being killed by creatures


and did any of the time the portal back to Munteen was placed near lava?


That’s an interesting case. When ‘you’ hit a creature, it creates drops that are just for you, and the creature dissapears for ‘you’. … but other people can still see the creature, and they can also hit it to get drops.

We don’t allow blocks to be placed if it would overlap an entity (player or creatures, dead or alive), which is why you cannot placw the block for a while where a creature used ti be, because it actually is still there, just not for your character.

We can change it to allow placing blocks where dead creatures are (and the creature will shift around to stay out of the ground like with block drops if you place a block where a block drop is). @dave @james


that reminds about this issue, dont know if it was reported

if player A grapples a dead creature and player B hits it to get his drops, funny things happen to player’s A grapple link

the player B doesn’t see the creature anymore, like it should be, so player’s A connecting line from grapple ends up being extended to what seem eternity - it flows in the air and disappears in the ground and if player A moves his view up, the link can extend in the air for hundreds blocks away

player A still sees everything normal, his grapple is connected to the dead creature


Ok no need for me to upload the video I did then. It’s definitely because of the “other player” creature carcasses in the way!


@vdragon the texture rotation was handily demonstrated here by @sedricg in his stream:

Keep your eye on that iron seam!


It’s just reminding you that its there, obviously. It’s being friendly like “hey hey, hey you, hey you there, yeh you, hit me, hit me!”



You’ve all created something great which inspires passion, sometimes heated, in many of us. I’m happy to help.


Were you standing a bit far from the machines at the time?

Thanks for confirming that this is the case, we’ll logged a bug.

If you’re getting this issue constantly on certain worlds and certain areas, could you open the Latency Graph and check the data? It could be due to high latency.

Just to confirm, your Beacon was listed as Outpost before reaching Hamlet status?

We can confirm these are not working correctly. Bugs are logged.

Can’t reproduce this one. What kind of items were you selling?

No need to apologise. The purpose of this topic is for players to report any issues found.

This may be related to the issue that @willcrutchley reported earlier in the topic, so we’ll include the additional information into the existing bug report.

Thanks for the video, the issue is clear to see. We’ll log a bug.


while we on the subject
will it stay maxed out ? because if you friend the alts to the limit is 33 not 100

and could it be possible to not show the offline players in warp to a friend
if ya have alot its dificult seeing who is online in warp to a friend


My furnaces are frequently stopping too. Feels like every time I switch characters or log in/out they all come to a stand still.


No, I was directly in front of it, in the adjacent block. You or another dev previously indicated that being a distance away might cause problems, so I have made a point to stand near my machines when I use them. Plus, it was at least six hours that I was logged off, and in that whole time, only the single titanium bar was smelted, stuck right as it was finishing. All my other furnaces finished their ore loads, some in the 300s of ores in that time with no problem. The furnace was still in on mode, with the button offering to cancel the crafting. I hit the cancel button three times. Each time, the crafting timer bar emptied very briefly, the button flashed ‘start furnace’ then the interface quickly reverted to having a full timer bar and offering the ‘stop furnace’ button. At that point I took the screenshot and reported the bug. In the time it took me to write the report and upload the screenshot, the furnace unstuck itself and finished the single titanium bar. The furnace was in stopped mode when I returned and discovered this.

Yes, but ‘outpost’ status before the last update, and ‘hamlet’ status occurred after the update. I do not remember a notification of reaching outpost status, I just saw that it was when I checked my beacon and realized I had become a settlement.

I was selling iron hammers from my crafter to my miner, and a few other things that can only be crafted with a skill. This was before I realized (only after the update) that I could give my alts permission to access my stuff and didn’t need the medium of a shop stand or request basket to transfer items. All items were sold for 1 coin each. I don’t know if price makes a difference, or the fact that I was essentially selling things to myself.

Signs are acting a little funny with lighting. I have twelve signs in a north-south hallway, six on each side. The lettering on some are changing colors, and after watching them change as the sun set I realized that they are doing so with the ambient lighting. The funny thing is, the south-most four are not affected, the lettering on those remains black. Only the six north-most are changing colors, and what is more, the colors are different depending on which way they are facing.

Lastly… I don’t know if someone mentioned these in the past already, or if they were fixed in the last update, but there are two bugs I noticed as a starting player that I never spoke up about because I hadn’t gotten around to finding the forums. I get a little obsessive about building things… anyway. I recreated a few characters because the starting objective line would get stuck in a loop, going back to making a campfire after reaching a certain point. With two characters it was right after placing a beacon and the objective for that completing, and for the third it was right after the fuel the beacon objective completed.
The second was that the coordinates for Berlyn are messed up. When starting a fresh character, and using the totem augment to choose coordinates, I choose the ones where my main’s base were located, but when I teleported to the place i chose, it was nowhere near my mains base. The coordinates were switched and one was reversed. i.e. -2500N, -550E became -550N, 2500E. I tried this on three different alts, the first two with the same results. The third I deliberately switched the coordinates so the they reflected the bug and ended up very near to where I wanted to be originally. Again, these were before the last update, so disregard if they were already addressed.