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dont know if ya seen on my screenshot the little santa hat thats on all signs stuck to a shop in aquatopia



I am not sure if you are asking me this or not.

My build is for a new alt so it is not even an outpost yet.

Could you clarify if you made friends with the alternative characters via friend requests in-game or were they automatically added to your friends list when you added a friend on Steam?

This is on our to-do list.

Thanks for the replies, we’ll update the bug with the additional information.

Thanks for the update on this, we’ll log a bug to see if there’s any issues on our end.

It looks like price does indeed make a difference, as the totals are not updating correctly. We’ll log a bug.

Thanks for the report and the screenshots showing the issue, a bug will be logged.

I believe this has already been fixed.

This should be also be fixed as well. If not, let us know and we can take another look at it.

Isn’t Santa’s hat supposed to be red and white rather than red and yellow? Aside from that, we’ll log a bug.

Sorry, I included your quote but didn’t reply to it. A bug has been logged for this.

all in game i got olmost no friends on steam
but alot are single caracter friends i dont have alot of alts on list

if you stand in a torch you cant break blocks around you


i cant place a block there

I’m not sure this has been listed as a bug but the Filter for Current World in the Locations tab of the Places menu does not work. I seems to show other planets, etc as well.

Destroying a crafting table that has ongoing recipes destroys all of their materials (they are not dropped).

This happens to happen when a slingbow accidentally discharges on a table too - destroying it in the process.

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I have experienced the “force” of the grappling hook reversing twice now, once which placed me into lava costing me a chunk of a golden axe and ruby sling… ouch.

Basically, instead of pulling you up towards the grappled location, it seems to push you away from it.

I have not determined the conditions required to reproduce… but this started in this release.

hi what happen to Slingbow Extra Damage Crystal i look everywhere find none and not show up on my workbench even i have skill to make it

It is now called an extra damage augment, or something like that @andsim

They should be craftable from the workbench without any skill requirements.

If they have been changed to the augment version (which has 3 levels), then they won’t be working as they have no crafting recipe yet.

ok not in recipe so far i see

Oh, yeah I don’t think it is craftable now

I like the new amount of mobs that spawn during hunting. But, I am getting very frustrated and darn tired of the amount of spitters that spawn on home/moon planets. It is like one every 4 minutes if you are just standing in an area and trying to work on a build.

I could almost deal with that but pathing is still messed up. They will either find you through open doors and run even down stairs to kill you or they will run forever and try to get your through walls/door. Also now you have to deal with 2-4 of them due to the herding spawn code.

This just makes it frustrating. As an example. I just killed 2 spitters before doing this post and before I could even finish this post more spawned and started attacking me.

I don’t know how a low level will even be able to handle this over and over when trying to build. I won’t even build on a hard planet cause of this issue and harder monsters.

I know this is being worked on but I wanted to post because over the past 2 days its really become an issue for me and I haven’t seen others do a post. And if spitters are going to keep coming into the house they better be house trained!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


@Stretchious @willcrutchley

These are not craftable atm, they were removed for balancing to be done if i recall correctly from the developers. Any you have now are all you’ll get till they come back

Yesterday this happend:

Thats 1688 fall damage for short.
This time I got “stuck” in the stairs for a split second. Floating in place. Then i got spit out and received fall the fall damage. Maybe it happens because it’s some kind of balcony with empty space below it?
Luckily i got more hp this time to survive it.

Not exactly normal use, but anytime the Character menu is accessed when steam is not running… the game crashes to windows without a message =/

I am noticing a lot of huge lag spikes and game crashes lately. We had some when hunting with a group that seemed to be related to spawns too… I have checked my ping and it isn’t related to that. These spikes seem to be out of the blue and the game hangs and crashes afterward. I have sent some of the bug reports in…

I wanted to post since I had heard others mention same issue but no posts. This is different than the old spikes we used to see.

You are unable to edit the extended details in a sign because the space provided is too small to see everything and when you move the mouse it disappears. So you have to literally delete everything and retype it.