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Thanks for the clarification, @james. That makes sense to me and I appreciate you guys taking the route of making its prestige similar to standard blocks then but keeping gleam’s regenerative properties as-is. That said, can we get some increased generation for other gleam types? Red is especially impossible to find!

HP regen skill not working for me. I’ve learnt HP Regeneration I, but my hp doesn’t seem to rise up.
I looked into character properties menu and it said that my regen is still 0 per 5s
I was out of combat for a long time. The problem had persisted for two days, then I used my cleanse point to forget this skill

Well, it’s working for me. Did you just have the first level?

Yes, only the first level if you’re about the skill

Hmm, all I know is that I had the skill maxed out and it was working

Yes. Thus, I think it is a bug

Defect Description
“Building a Permanent Base” tutorial objective will not progress

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create new character
  2. Progress tutorial to the point you acquire the “Building a Permanent Base” objective
  3. Gather appropriate materials
  4. Queue 7 single (not bulk or mass) Metamorphic Stone builds at your crafting table
  5. Queue Beacon Control at your crafting table
  6. Wait for all to finish crafting

When the Beacon Control is done being crafted, the objective should automatically complete

The Beacon Control successfully completes at crafting table but objective does not complete.

More Information
I don’t know if 4. above is relevant but it was part of my steps so I included it. I did attempt a fresh craft of the Beacon Control with an empty Crafting Table afterwards and the quest still did not progress. Additionally, it’s worth noting that my Objectives Tracker, under the “Tutorial” category is stuck at “A New Dawn” (walking through the warp in Sanctum) as complete but the quest will not complete. I have since been able to complete a few of the tutorial objectives but am stuck at the aforementioned “Building a Permanent Base”.

I logged off for about 30m and when I returned and logged into my alt, the tutorial had reset all the way back to gathering foliage and timber to build a campfire which, I presume, is the first step after “A New Dawn” where my Objective tracker was stuck as mentioned above.

I was having a similar issue before the last update, except instead of the objective not completing, it would reset to the build a campfire objective and repeat the objective steps, I assume endlessly, but I didn’t pursue it past the third repetition, just remade the character.

Has jumping become a bit faulty only for me? Before this update with no jump skills I could jump 1 block without thinking, and going up a mountain where each block is higher for one was easy peasy. And now I’m really having a hard time jumping. I have to consciously press space for a long time to jump single block and run jumping up the mountain became impossible. I have tried to invest one level into jump skill and now jumping one block is fine but jumping two blocks shows the same issue as one without jump skill upped. Very annoying.

It looks like there’s an issue where it’s currently not possible to repair Crafting Tables with Spanners. We should have a fix for this in the next update.

Thanks for the update. It does seem to be reproducible this way, so we’ll add this information to the database.

Can’t reproduce this. What kind of tools did you have and what kind of smart stack setup did you have?

Thanks for the reply, a bug has been logged.

It could be possible that some other players were previously in the area before you arrived, which may explain the large number of creatures.

That does look odd, so we’ll log a bug. Does this happen on specific blocks or does it vary? Is it necessary to hold a torch to see the issue?

This looks similar to the issue that @jefalaska reported earlier in this topic, so we’ll add you information to the bug database.

The skills themselves do work, the problem is that the text still displays 0 per 5s. We should have a fix for this in the next update.

Did you by any chance go through a Portal / Warp during the tutorial? There’s an issue where going through one would reset some of the objectives. This should be fixed in the next update.

Can you show a screenshot showing which Jump skills you currently have? Also, can you also give an example of an area where you’re struggling to jump to? As described in the release notes, we have fixed an issue where it was very tricky to jump into a gap that is 2 blocks high if you have activated some or all jumping skills.

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How did you get the Windowed Door Piece? It currently cannot be crafted in the game.

As far as I know it doesn’t depend on the block, but I can do some testing later. I think it requires a torch… Can anyone confirm?
Edit: @vdragon it doesn’t require a torch

In case this is relevant: I repaired several crafting tables (about 4) with an iron spanner yesterday to sell them.

By placing request baskets several non-existent items are visible (matching the category of the item placed in the request basket). That screenshot was from the set price window when selling a door piece.

I can see pay locks when selling locks and tons of other items on my other request baskets too. I can get you a more precise list if that will help.

For the record, I can’t reproduce it reliably either… it doesn’t seem to happen every time. The last time I observed this, I had a smart stack of 4 stone shovels, all at about half durability due to death damage. The shovel in my hand was made from metamorphic rock, and when it broke the next shovel failed to load into my hand. The next shovel was made of sedimentary rock and had to be loaded into my hand manually.

I’ve observed this sporadically since I started playing, always with stone implements of different stone types. Like I said, it doesn’t happen every time, but I haven’t figured out a common denominator yet.

From my own experience, it doesn’t need a torch and happens on all manner of blocks, both in their virgin state and those carrying resources, and on multiple planets (Berlyn, Vulpto, Elopor and Nasharil, are where I have been lately, and have seen it on all). It happens whether carrying a light source or using light skill.

I can say for my characters that no, none of them had ever gone through a portal when the problems occurred.

Reading this made me realize that I haven’t found it necessary to repair my crafting tables, ever. I have processed massive amounts of stone through them, and I distinctly remember seeing 90% wear on several when I was unloading stone last night, but today when I looked at them when first logging in, not a single one registers any wear. I have never once used a spanner on any of them. So today my goal is to cut and process so much stone I get one to 100% and see what happens. The recipes for stone don’t tell you what percentage wear they are adding to the table, so I’m not sure how much I’ll have to push through to reach 100% wear, hoping you’ll add that to the description in the future. Will update.

Update: Had one crafting table up to around 30% and went to cut stone. Came back and it had zeroed out again. I switched from crafter to miner, then back to crafter, so maybe returning to the sanctum or switching characters has something to do with it.

Update: after passing a single mass craft of stone through it, the wear reappeared at 32%, so part of it might be a graphics glitch, but that doesn’t explain why they never break.

Update: have processed more than 40 Mass Craftings of metamorphic stone through the single crafting table and it still shows only 32% wear.

Update: Still stuck at 32% after a lot more crafting, furthermore, all ten of my crafting tables are at 32% despite some having been used heavily and others very lightly.

The block-info not showing when hitting upwards.

It could be when hitting block further then the standard reach, with reach skill.

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I use the light source skill so I might be getting it from that, but today I just saw it for the first time on the SIDE of a block.
I was mining soil under my vulpto base and I caught it really quickly as I was moving so I went back and it was not there. so I moved around a bit and caught it again but moved too much and it disappeared. after about 5 minutes I finally caught it while I was stopped so I could take a screenshot, but then it moved on its own! Then I looked at the compass and there was an angered hopper right above me, and realized it was the Hopper causing it!
So the square thing on the block seems to be caused by a player(or mob)'s shadow, possibly conflicting with a light source, (but after testing it happens in any light source, with or without the skill or a torch in hand, and also disappears in the dark so not sure on that) or maybe the hitbox of the block being slightly different than the rendered shape (I freaking LOVE that feature by the way. it’s what sets Boundless apart from other voxel games)

[edit] Hmm… just started a new character, placed a crafting table… wear is at 90%.

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Client just locked up indicating that I might need to hit Sanctum. I’ve verified connectivity to the 'net overall. The last several times (within 24h) I’ve gotten this timeout warning the button to return to the Sanctum has pretty much been inoperative.

If a spitter has killed me I shall be very cross. :laughing:

Thanks for checking.

Thanks for the answer, we’ll add this to the database.

Once the game is updated with the fix for the Crafting Table wear, it should display the amount of wear with numerical information to bring it in line with other machines.

Do you mean the green highlight in the screenshot? That only appears if you have an item in your hand that can placed down, like a block or the torch in your case.

That’s quite odd. What’s the status of the Crafting Table wear for the other character(s)?

By inoperative do you mean the option to return to the sanctum wasn’t selectable?

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Yes, it was grey. Moving the mouse over it produced no visual difference, and it wasn’t reactive.