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i had an issue with a requestbasket not showing right picture and when i play with it around i had to break it before i could reenter something could be old bug i dont use them alot :smile:


This might be more of a design issue.

Before using precise slope chisel:

After using precise slope chisel:


Did you definately place them exactly the same way? @jefalaska

  1. If you die a second time before the “You have been defeated” overlay fully disappears, it can cause the overlay to stay permanently until you restart the client.
  2. I hesitate to report this because it’s really convenient to use but alas it’s a bug: if you move into a tight space with your character, say down at lower altitudes in a cave, and you look up and jump into a space that you can’t really fit repeatedly, the game “bounces” you all the way up to the surface. Super convenient for getting out of caves but I can’t imagine that’s how it’s intended to work. Sorry all :(.


The second is a result of a system preventing you from getting stuck in tight spaces.

You can bump yourself up easily through Sanctum whenever you place yourself directly under a block. So it doesn’t work any other way than official Sanctum bump. I often think to myself if it’s a bug or just a playability feature.



happens with earthcrystals to


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Don’t worry, they already knew about number two @Dhusk :joy:


Sound Bug

Requirements: 5.1 surround sound

Expected: A tool striking the block from in front of you should continuously sound as though it is coming from in front of you (e.g. front speakers)

Actual: The first strike of a tool plays in front of the user, most subsequent strikes play from behind the user unless the user moves.

Reproduction Easy mode: Set up 5.1 surround sound and disconnect the two back speakers.

I’ve also noticed that my rear speakers stop working while playing the game. I’m not sure if it’s related.


Bug which will take you to the surface (or into a lava lake)… Here you go:


Description: Double jump does not allow you to jump single blocks.

Expected: That if you jump with double-jump purchased, you can still jump only one high when necessary (or at least land on the one-high block).

Actual: Double jump always jumps too high and you shall not pass…

Video demonstration:


The last part of your statement, if I’m understanding correctly, is incorrect. I’m aware of the Sanctum bump as Jivita covered it in a video a while back. I’m talking about aiming the camera up and moving and jumping into a tight space. The game instantly shoots you all the way to the surface if you do it right.


You actually don’t have to jump at all. Just walk into a tight corner and keep pushing against it.

What I meant is before the anti-stuck measures were in place people would get stuck in some chiseled tight spaces be it at home or caves or funny slopes with trees etc. So the thing you discovered is a side effect of the measures. So it’s kinda a bug as it could possibly be fine tuned further (but who knows maybe it can’t?). And it’s kinda not a bug if it’s impossible to get a perfect spot where you neither get stuck nor bumped up.

Its quite minimal comparing to time it was introduced and people were being telephoned very often.


Description: Accidental Cancel Button

Reproducable: Yes.


  1. Position the skill tree so that an non-purchased skill is directly underneith the middle of the screen (middle of up and down) and in the left most column.
  2. Click (mouse down and mouse up) on that skill to purchase it
  3. If the mouse is not immediately over the “cancel” button, please reposition and try again

Expected: The confirmation dialog pops up and awaits user input
Actual: The mouse down opens the dialog, and the mouse-up hits the cancel button… appearing as though the dialog is immediately opening then closing.


Description: Skill tree display error

Note: This is probably already reported but just in case…

Reproducible: Yes (since we started)


  1. Choose a skill and purchase up to level 4 in it.
  2. Mouse over level 1

Expected: The advantages provided by that skill point should be displayed in some way which indicates that it is owned.
Actual: The advantages of the next purchased skill point are shown, irrespective of which skill point you mouse over.


Not been able to reproduce this. Is there any more information you can provide? For example, where was the location of the the Gleam you were mining? Did you choose to track these Feats at the time so that they appear on the top left of the screen?

Haven’t been able to reproduce this. Let us know if you get it again.

If you do get something like this again, let us know. We haven’t been able to reproduce this, but it would be interesting to know if it is being caused by unstable connections.

If you do get the situation again, let us know so that we can check for anything about the blocks placed.

There’s definitely some strange behaviour with this torch, so a bug has been logged.

Can you just confirm that your Crafted Items slots are not completely full?

Thanks for the update. It does look like that fall damage sometimes occur, so a bug will be logged. When you originally said that you had both jump height skills, did you pick the ones called Jump Height Bonus I and ll rather than Air Jump and Air Jump Height Bonus?

That’s correct, you can only see friends online if they are on the same world. Displaying all friends on different worlds would involve having to retrieve information from each world.

This is a known issue.

Looking at the screenshots, were you expecting the pattern in the second screenshot to be the same as the first screenshot after using the chisel?

How exactly are you doing this? The text disappears before the character returns to the sanctum.

Depending on the type of space it is, it may be possible that the character is making contact with some sloped blocks which may be causing this issue as @boundmore pointed out. We have pushed a fix which may prevent this from happening.

This looks to be same issue that @willcrutchley and @boundmore reported earlier in the topic. Did you happen to place Natural Crystal blocks into storage by any chance?

Do you know how many friends you have in your friends list?

Do the rest of the game sounds behave as expected when you’re using this kind of sound setup?

It looks like you’ve hit a sloped block which caused you to teleport somewhere else. We pushed a fix that should hopefully reduce the chances of this happening again. Give it another go and let us know if it’s still an issue.

Thanks for the report and video link, a bug has been logged.

Does this also occur when you reduce the Interface Scale?

Can you clarify a bit more about what you expect to see here?


its a glyph block in the photo ill test with the earthcrystal and post it to im not 100procent sure about that block


Sorry about the delay, Vdragon!

I fairness, I was guessing that it was due to the text not having disappeared by the time I died again as I was imagining some kind of event/notification stack in place and something awry with this particular notification that left it on the screen.

What I can tell you is that I died to lava on Vulpto chasing a ruby node, held down the right mouse button as soon as it was prompted and sprinted back through the portal on the left in the Sanctum without really looking. The portal apparently was placed on the edge of a railing/cliff/ledge/edge/whatever and when I sprint through the portal I immediately fell back into the lava and died. At this point, the death message stayed on the screen for about 5 minutes or so until I restarted the client.


@ctrl-64 had same issue during our last big hunt so maybe he will be able to share some ideas


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