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This happens to me often, mostly because I like to make my character dance along to whatever music I’m listening to and often end up stepping in sideways. Return to the sanctum and then you’ll be okay. If the sanctum is still showing the in between (ooo, or what if it’s the upside down? :scream:) reverse the portal exit.


Mention plenty :wink:

@vdragon in regards to my chisel issue. last time i was using a Gold precise chisel with full skill points into the tree. this time i am using a Silver precise slope. The chisel targets the block behind it as show in the pictures.


Above screenshot, Therka: 2,201N 1,528E (154)

As I’m approaching, the reclaimed player structures start to disappear:

Dulki made those non-existent structures weeks ago, fyi.

Somehow (when in a cave?) and I place a (begginer) torch and switch to grapple, the game crashes. Happened twice now in a span of 30 mins.

Thanks, I’ll add that to the bug as well.

What were you doing exactly? Were you trying to go back through the same portal several times before the issue occurred?

Those screenshots are very tiny. Can you provide bigger ones if possible?

Thanks for the screenshot. Normally this would be due to LOD, but because you mentioned the area used to have the building structure, then it looks like the game is still showing it even though it’s no longer there, so it’s a bug and has been added to the database.

Did you submit the crash dumps after reloading the game?

I did both times, yes.

What were you doing exactly? Were you trying to go back through the same portal several times before the issue occurred?[/quote]

No, it’ was during the time I was getting instability messages (aside from the few times I was being a wally, which is user error), which have now been resolved.

I did not as I play on a mac.

sorry for the delay in replying, I cannot quote on my phone.

It’s the same bug that @Braindrop reported on earlier in this forum topic.

What did you mean by chords?

Thanks, we have the crash dumps and will add the information to the database.

So the only time it happened was because you had an unstable connection?

I’ve not been able to reproduce this. If you get it again, please share the game log.

*Edit: Correction, I couldn’t get it to occur on PC, but it seems to only occur on the Mac version, so a bug will be logged.


Yes, it hasn’t happened since. I think that little update you rolled out has fixed my issues at least. Not sure why others might still be experiencing it. Perhaps they keep Steam open so it hasn’t upated? idk

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Chordinates?? There was a photo with chordinates :stuck_out_tongue:

these? :wink:


Yeah, those. It must be…those.


I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary and was not having any issues with connection warnings at the time. I can tell you though that when I was stuck inside the portal I noticed that the floor had chiseling. I am wondering if the chiseling allowed part of my character to slip outside the boundary of the portal and in a sense get stuck partially outside and partially inside. The chiseling was the single bevel edge. I’ve recreated it and attached a picture below. I am thinking that my character could dip far enough into this design to have it consider me stepping out of the portal?

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So I am noticing that after the latest update I have lost the ability to refuel a stranger’s beacon now. I loved that feature that you could help keep someone’s build up if I thought it was worth saving. I am not sure though if this latest change was intended or a bug, so I thought I’d post that here.


To my knowledge you can only fuel beacons you have access to via your own or someone allowing you to.

@ChimeraGaming If you can view the time on the strangers beacon you can also add fuel to it. Or at least, you used to be able to do this.

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You can’t see the time on stranger’s beacons :slight_smile:

If you can’t now then being able to before this update is what he is referring to. I used to look at stranger’s beacons all the time.

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