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Oh, you mean coordinates. Chords means something completely different.

Anyway, what’s the issue you’re having with both the flowers and Wildstock?

Thanks for the update and screenshot. From looking at this in game, it looks like passing through the portal while walking on the chiselled blocks doesn’t allow the character to walk onto the block on the other side of the portal as it’s of a different height. As a consequence, this would cause the character to become stuck between, so it’s definitely a bug and has been added to the database.

@ChimeraGaming is correct. However, it does depends on the permissions given. If the owner has not granted you the appropriate permissions, then you will be unable to add fuel to Beacons or see the time remaining on them.

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Yes musical chords :wink: the issue is the stuck in flower. There has been multiple instances but i’ve never been able to get the coordinates

game crashing every 5 sec cant play I sent crash dump

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How about the Wildstock in the screenshots? Are they getting stuck on the flowers too?

A few people have mentioned getting stuck on flowers, but I have only been able to reproduce it very recently. It’s probably more likely to occur if there were large groups of flowers positioned together.

Were you doing anything in particular? I can see about 9 submitted crash dumps here, where the cache dir pathname starts with C:\Users\mjm\AppData…

Would that be you?

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Here is what happens to portals for me in the sanctum @vdragon :

Here is the log:

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Thanks @willcrutchley , I’ll gather yours and @Creegle’s report and add those to a bug.

@Dunedragon, after looking at various crash dumps, some of them reference the Chunk Cache information. I’ll copy the reply I posted to other players previously in this topic:

If it’s particularly large, then try deleting it and see if it rectifies the problem.

Edit: I just realised you had previously reported a similar issue in this very topic.


Not in my experience. Sometimes it’s the only flower for several blocks, and it only seems to happen for two types…one of which is the yellow-leaf-with-speckles plant. It’s happened to me on Elopor, too, so it’s not just a Solum phenomenon.

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Yes the wildstock too hense the 2nd photo with the wildstock.
I think there maybe a certain way you land on it. I grappled through it and the wildstock landed on it so idk? Just ideas.

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A bunch of us got stuck on one single flower the other night on a hunt. Some had to return to sanctum, some dug our way out. It was pretty funny, but yeah, it does happen. I believe I was just running when I got snagged on it.

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I’m not sure if this is the right place, but I think it’s worth a mention here as it’s 186 that’s brought the change, but the “Mining blocks repeatedly” message comes up every single time I misplace a block and have to take it down again. I think it’s great that it comes up as a warning the first one or two times you do it, but beyond that it feels quite aggressive, like I’m being scolded for being a wally and misplacing a block but as if I’ve done it in the hopes for xp.


yes that’s me I was in thurka plaza when it first happened then want to solum same thing then vulpto same thing had to stop playing I would take 5 steps crash log in 5 steps crash
ok I deleted the chunkcache again likes like its workimg again ty :slight_smile:

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Yeah I see the message all the time I’m building and place a block wrong too. I always read it as “No XP from Perfectionism” T_T



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Okay, so it looks like it can not only happen with more than one type of flower, but creatures can also get stuck on them too. Thanks, I’ll update the existing bug report with the information provided.

I had a look into it and it turns out that it is indeed a bug, so we’ll get this fixed.

Did you check the size of the Chunk Cache and deleted it if it was quite large?


My chunk Cache was 2 gb.
and I deleted it and game is running fine now

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sometimes the red circle around my mouse cursor dont want to leave

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I think is a setting I get it sometimes too

@ComplexRogue7 and I were over at the Portal Seekers Elyria HQ checking out hunters plaza on Munteen when we both died about the same time for different (totally legitimate) reasons. I fell into some lava trying to get a better look… yup, I did that. And @ComplexRogue7 was slain by a Cuttletrunk. Anyway, neither of us could return to sanctum The bar filled up but nothing happened. I also could not enter the menu to exit the game at that time, though the chat window still worked. @ComplexRogue7 also could not exit to Sanctum.
Anyway, thought it was a fluke, reloaded the game was murdered by a cuddler and again could not enter Sanctum or exit the game. I hope that is enough detail to help.

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Good to hear that you have it sorted now. We still need to take another look at this issue, so in the meantime, if you’re getting the problem of the game crashing regularly, then checking the size of the Chunk Cache would be a good start.

Do you remember what you were doing around that time and what was causing the damage?

If you get it again, share a game log just after a failed attempt to return to the sanctum so that we can see if there’s anything wrong.

I get this weird graphic tearing on my laptop.