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I have discovered teleportation without portals!


Sprinting up stairs in 3rd person view causes the character model to sink down into the blocks and glides up the stairs. it stops as soon as you as you stop running.

that’s the anti-stuck system kicking in when you are in tight spaces - I think anyway

This is a known issue where characters can get stuck on doors. The ‘teleportation’ looks like it’s just a side effect.

It doesn’t always happen, but I can see the issue, so I’ll add a bug.

So I have been noticing that if you switch your characters 3 times, after the 3rd time you try to switch, you get stuck in this blank grey screen. The only way to exit the game is to kill the process via task manager, or alt f4 a couple of times, or right click close window. The task manager way to exit games works 100% of the time, but the other 2 methods does not always work. (I am on Windows 7 64 bit)

where’s my problem answer?

If the textures were to somehow take into respect the direction you are chiselling, then we would effectively need 1000’s of extra variations of every block to be able to have versions of the block where every face (many more than 6 with chiselling) can have the texture rotated in a different way. Aka. Just not feasible, not from a data size point of view, or implementation time point of view.


I think this is not a problem at all.
Are you still using the fixed enumeration way to arrange the block texture?
In fact, there is a big problem with your texture direction design, which is very not intuitive.
This is a best design.
It can make player to place down block to get any direction of texture their facing.

that still assumes you can rotate the block 4 times around the vertical axis, which we dont have, we only have 4 rotations, which are 2 around the vertical axis, and 2 which turn the block onto its side (so that when the top texture is different like a wood trunk, you can put the trunk onto the side of the block).


Are you expressing your incompetence? This design is completely achievable and intuitive, and the logic is not complicated. But you have rejected it and chose a more stupid way.:roll_eyes:
Just need set the block direction at place down.
Think of the “player facing” as “block facing”, let it face to up/down/north/south/west/east.
what’s the problem?

wood trunk just need 4 rotate, but those refined block?


I am writing this during the community hunt.
I keep crashing consistently while trying to respec my character while i’m simply in the skill screen. sometimes i am not even clicking anything when it crashes.
one time i noticed in the top corner my computer is telling me the disk is full.
I don’t even download a lot of stuff, I mostly play boundless, but I do crash a lot. is crashing or some kind of process causing my disk to fill up? if the full disk is causing the crash and the crash causes a large file to be created, this is a bad cycle to be caught in. it’s looking like i can’t play unless i use my lv50 main and don’t progress anywhere…
not sure what to do here… doesn’t look like theres any major applications taking up space either.

I should not fill your disk unless your very low. The chunk cache size is set in the options so your change that there.

On Windows run the Disk Clean up to free up space.


Got a portal glitch video on its way soon. It teleported me over lava halfway between the two portals.

When you’ve mastered the arts of water bending


I think I’ve found a missing skill point bug.

when I hit level 39, I received an XP reward for the related Feat which immediately tipped me over into level 40.

I only received 30 skill points for both levels.

is this intentional?


there is an exploit to sell cream gleam at yellow gleam locations can we get this fixed?

I’ve not seen it so far. Are you sure they were not combined into a smart stack?

Thanks for the video. I can see that the issue occurs at around 1:20, so I’ve added this to the bug database.

What are the coordinates of this area?

By related feat you mean the Level 40 one?

Also, open Character -> Profile and expand the Overview so we can check if you have received the correct amount of skill points.

Can you give more information on this?

When someone sets up a request basket for just yellow gleam, cream gleam can be collected and sold to a yellow gleam shop.