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The issue occours when you have blocks placed right above you beacon claim and world regen takes away those blocks :slight_smile:

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Can you show a screenshot of the two types of different-coloured gleam blocks? This is just to check if the gleam blocks look different enough or if they looks like almost the same colour.

I believe this is likely intended due to the way the water is simulated. If the original world layout had water at the location shown in the screenshot, then it’s unlikely to fall from its current position.

I am having the same problem. It happens randomly, only happened twice to me for now.

All I can do is close the client and re-open it, which results in a longer loadingscreen than usually, too.

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No reason to be insulting here.

The more rotations supported, the more memory each block requires to represent. And when you’re talking about literally billions of blocks, every single bit consumed per block counts. The engine likely can also share/precompute textures more efficiently when they share orientations (speculation); having an order of magnitude more combinations drastically reduces that sharing (and thus, requires more mem/vmem).

It also requires more dev effort to set up the textures so that they also look good at those orientations when chiseled, as he says:

Special casing some blocks, and not others can be really challenging (and non-performant), especially when you’re trying to pack them into as little space in memory as possible. Consistent layouts are important.


Yes, I lost thousands of Oort Stone in this way…
I’ve already said that when picking up them, pick up information will display at the top right corner, and indeed be smart stack in the inventory. Those stack also can right click to open. but just ghosts.Those items are not on the ground either.

But for now I have not figured out exactly how to reproduce it, but I also don’t want to west my own hard-won resources to do this kind of test.

Has anyone submitted a issue about use grapples fast cross the portal will occasionally leading illegal message?

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Are you sure you didn’t accidentally add normal gleam to your price list too? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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just running and useing it like a ramp with no jumping makes this popup.

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This was a valid bug and will be fixed in the next update. It should have appeared fixed by adding/removing blocks.

@ChimeraGaming, from looking at the video, it could be possible that you didn’t set the Request Basket to accept specific item colours, which may explain why you have received gleam blocks of a different colour. Could you check if this is the case?

Just to check, you were definitely holding down the right mouse button instead of the left?

Did it only happen once in this case? The only possible explanation was that the game might not have been in sync with the server at the game.

Were you also encountering any other strange game behaviours before or after the issue?

Some players on Discord have mentioned it.

Was this the only situation it was happening at or was it occurring elsewhere? What are the coordinates of the location where the issue is?

Yes, as shown in the screenshot.

3 times.
And I didn’t figure out exactly how to reproduce it.

100% :slight_smile:

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Each are set price for only that color none are set for cream gleam :slight_smile:

If you can remember what you were doing before the issue occurs, please list as much information as you can recall and I can add it to the bug database, as I have not been able to reproduce this.

Also, if it happens again, check if there is anything unusual in the game log.

I’ll add this to the bug database anyway in case someone can find out what’s going on.

I can’t reproduce this. Sorry to be a pain, but could you submit another video showing that you definitely enabled the option to only buy a specific colour for the request basket? I can then add the video link to a bug report.

Also, what is going on in those two screenshots? Was your character stuck? Because I can’t recreate the same situation if that’s what it was.

Well, I was jumping and running towards a city until I jumped down a player made hole (thanks, meany :D)

The first time I was fighting with mobs. So nothing recurring I can think of.

it is gone now cant recreat it

Ye That’s never happened before But I got stuck in this chiseled location.